Meet Our Model - Grace

Fashion knitwear graduate, Grace, tells us about her skin transformation using Wǒ, and her educative platform that aims to help individuals grow a passion for living a sustainable life, while teaching others about small changes they can make to care for our planet.

speech marksMy skin gets dry very easily, and I often experience this tight and uncomfortable feeling in my face, but especially in my cheeks due to that lack of moisture. I currently also work in the food industry, which exposes my skin to an increase of environmental stressors like grease and grime due to the cooking I do day-to-day. My main focus with trying Wǒ was finding a skincare routine that could thoroughly cleanse my skin after finishing a shift at work, but could also restore the moisture to my skin.

Grace Greenstreet

After using Wǒ for just 7 days, I had received so many compliments on my skin. I found that my skin texture improved immensely, and that feeling after using the Daily Base™ Aqua Gel was honestly addicting! I found it so easy to use, and knowing that the active ingredients inside the products were fresh each time due to the monodose packaging was a huge relief for me.

During my university degree I learned a lot about sustainability which made me incredibly passionate about starting something that could make a difference. This is why a friend of mine and I started 180, a social and educational platform that works to fight environmental and social injustices that are happening all around us. We wanted to make it easy for anyone to learn more about sustainability and join a community of like-minded people that desired to play their part to better the planet for future generations.


‘Wǒ’s Promise To The Environment’ made me feel confident in my decision to try the products. Knowing that the mono dosage gives the perfect amount of product each time assured me that I was not wasting any products. It also allows anyone to try the products first before committing to it, unlike with other brands you would have to immediately purchase a tube of skincare which can often result in a lot of unnecessary waste.

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