5 Reasons Why We Chose Mono-Dose Packaging

Our quest for a skincare revolution didn’t just stop once we had found the perfect formulations. From the very beginning, our products have been created with you in mind.  We set out to simplify your skincare routine and minimise wastage, which is why we chose mono-dose packaging for our products.  

Your first question might be, so what is mono-dose packaging? Well, mono-dose or packaging is an individually prepared packet (in our case a vial or blister pack) for a measured dosage. The packs have plenty of visual appeal in their sophisticated array of colour tones, but they also come with a range of notable benefits.

Fast and Convenient -  Measured dosage, no waste, no fuss

As each product is a mono-dose, it contains the perfect amount of product your skin needs for application. This means you can use the correct amount of product each and every time so not a drop gets wasted. Not to mention it can support the preservation of active ingredients in the product, as the product is not subject to exposure of light and air. Making each application of product as fresh and effective as the last.

Our Commitment to the Environment

As a result of mono-dose packaging being lightweight, this reduces our carbon footprint within our product cycle, and also on the journey from getting our products from us to your doorstep. All of our packaging is recyclable, plus, 80% of our packaged products (e.g.  all of our Power TonIQs and the Revive Oil) are made from up to 80% recycled plastic!

Travel Friendly - A skincare routine in the palm of your hand

Our packaging is small, simple and safe. The travel friendly size means you don’t have to compromise your skincare routine when flying. You can take exactly how much you want, for however long you will need it without having to worry about over packing.

Sharing is caring

What’s better than telling your friends and family about the new holy grail product you’ve just found that you couldn’t imagine your skincare routine without? Sharing it. With Wǒ products you can easily give out a sample of product for someone else to try. Simply tear off a product from the strip and share your skincare with friends and family easier and better than before.

Flexibility - A tailored solution

Have you ever longed for a product that you have seen hyped up all across social media, but it hasn’t quite worked for you the way it did for everyone else? At Wǒ we understand everyone’s skin is unique, and your skin needs are constantly changing as they respond to your lifestyle.

Firstly, our diagnostic tailors your skincare routine with Wǒ products to target your specific skin needs. Secondly our mono-dose products can be ordered as little as 2 week usage, so you don’t have to commit to a huge amount of product, in case it doesn’t quite work for you. You have the flexibility to try new formulations without having a shelf overflowing with product after product.


P.S.  If you have any ‘second life’ uses or ideas for our mono-doses, then we would love to see them, send us a picture via DM on Instagram @wearewo_uk or email us on info@wearewo.com

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