The Wǒ Way

Skincare holds a special place in our hearts.

Your skin helps shape how you see yourself. We feel that caring for your skin is like caring for your soul. It contributes to a sense of well-being and by giving you the tools we hope to inspire self-love, confidence and connection.

Taking inspiration from ancient Eastern philosophy of self-improvement and balance, our founder Karen created Wǒ, meaning 我'I' or 'myself' in Mandarin, and sought to bring innovative skincare that didn't put people into boxes, but celebrated difference.

We Celebrate Ethnic Diversity In All Its Complex Wonder

At Wǒ our technique for helping you take control of your skin is simple – we begin with your origin.

Our view of the world  is shaped by our parents, childhood and life experiences.  Through our research, we discovered that people with multi-ethnic backgrounds often show a deeper interest in more than one culture and a heightened sense of ‘being different’ in a positive way.

This insight gave us a strong desire to use our decades of experience working in beauty to create a self-love skincare community rooted in holistic wellbeing, offering 'tailored-to-you' skincare solutions for everyone.

Feel Comfortable In Your Own Skin

Skincare and self-discovery go hand in hand, it’s amazing what good, comfortable skin can do for the soul. Our aim is to help you embrace and understand what makes you unique.

We believe in supporting everyone to connect with themselves and to better understand their skin’s needs. Because once you understand your skin, caring for it is beautifully simple.

Skincare is a lifestyle. At the heart of it all, Wǒ is a community of like-minded people, built on support, dedication and trust - start your journey to holistic self-care and take control of your skin.

Karen, Founder of Wǒ

"Traits in your DNA is one of the key reasons to how your skin behaves. This is even more so if you have multi-ethnicities, as you inherit a more complex make-up. Your are also likely to travel more due to a diverse family background and are exposed to more environmental changes."