How To Embrace Your Natural Skin

Although it might not quite be time for denim shorts and mini skirts, the spring season can leave a lot of people feeling anxious about getting their paler legs out for the first few months in the run up to summer.

A Whistle-Stop Tour On The History

When you look into Eastern cultures, white, pale skin tone symbolises social status, purity and beauty; many people who live in Asia will use an umbrella to protect themselves from the sun to stop themselves from tanning. This is because in some Eastern countries, lighter skin is favoured because it means you are privileged and don’t work in outdoor manual labour (For example, farming). By the 1920’s, Western beauty standards were idolised in the East and therefore being pale and white was seen as desirable.

On the other hand, in Western cultures, it also comes down to social status; being tanned is a sign that one is more wealthy and has the free time to go on holidays and catch a tan. At the end of the day, even though these different cultures desire the opposite, we are also so similar that we have gone to the lengths to use artificial means (for example, fake tan and skin whiteners) to maintain these physical attributes.

natural skin

Why Can’t We Just Embrace Our Natural Skin?

You only get one skin, so we may as well start loving it sooner rather than later. If you’re someone who spends all summer soaking up every last sunray with limited SPF just to get (let's be real) a freckle and a red tint, you are doing so much more harm to your skin than it's worth. UV exposure can damage the outer layer of the skin making it appear dull and dry. Sun exposure causes the skin to lose elasticity increasing the appearance of wrinkles and over time, repeated sun exposure leads to permanently red, blotchy skin. I’ll take the pale skin please!

Say goodbye to stained sheets, carpets, walls and even friends! And say hello to natural confidence! We are all unique so why not celebrate the things that make us different? We are perfectly imperfect and that's what so great, the world would be so boring if everyone looked the same. One positive that came from Covid is that make-down is the new make-up, embracing your natural skin is powering and freeing!


Trends come and go and this doesn’t end with our skin. Think freckles, bare faces, birthmarks and natural skin, to name a few characteristics that were once considered ‘flaws’ are now embraced right from the runway to the streets. Why not actively choose to skip FAD trends and just celebrate what makes you unique every. single. day.

Where Does Skincare Play Its Part?

A bare face gives you all the more reason to turn to skincare for a natural healthy complexion. Understanding your skin and its characteristics is the place to start; try our Skin Diagnostic to discover a skincare solution that tackles your skin concerns whilst also hydrating, conditioning and nourishing the skin.

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Author - Lily Scales

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