Make-down. Has COVID-19 Taken Us On A Journey Of Skin Acceptance & Positivity?

Make-down is the new make-up

Whilst lockdown has presented us with challenges, let’s look at the positives. Many of us have a newfound relationship with our skin. From going out less, to working from home to wearing face coverings, reliance on makeup is slowly drifting. Whilst the trend towards natural, minimal makeup was taking the beauty industry in its stride well before the pandemic, we are seeing more and more braving a bare face. Old habits are unlikely to return.

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Barefaced and proud

At first, applying makeup throughout lockdown allowed us to feel normal and ready for the day. Yet cosmetics sales are on the decline, people are wearing less and less makeup.

It seems that this period of uncertainty has allowed for some self-reflection; am I really doing this for myself or other people’s approval? As well as this, we are feeling more comfortable without it and more accepting of our natural skin. Embracing your natural beauty is empowering and freeing. Of course, makeup is still something we love, but it is about feeling great with and without it. A naked face gives you a deeper understanding of your skin, how it behaves and its unique characteristics – things that would go unnoticed with those extra layers. Going makeup free allows us to accept our imperfections, let go and start looking at the things we love.

Be at one with your skin

With all this in mind, skincare has seen a rise. The journey towards achieving natural, healthy looking skin is now more prominent than ever. Self-care and wellbeing is at the forefront of everyone’s mind, a skincare ritual can help manage stress and make you feel good from within. Going makeup free has given many a chance to refresh their skincare routine and refocus on their skin health.

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The benefits of giving your skin a break

Giving makeup a miss can also helps give your skin a chance rebalance itself and get on with “its natural healing process” -  Laura Marinelli.  Heavy, oil rich makeup can also cause clogged pores and spots. Letting your skin breath and looking after it with a daily routine may just be what it needs.

Feel free and confident with natural, healthy skin

Own your skin. At Wǒ we believe that beauty really does come from within, let it shine through and embrace unique.

Feel confident with a deeper understanding of your skin by taking our skin diagnostic, providing a tailored-to-you solution for healthier, happier skin.


Author – Sara Poidevin-Hill

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