Seasonal Skin: How The Ever-Changing Climate Impacts The Skin

Throughout the year your unique skin is constantly changing due to your environment. Many think they have either an oily or dry skin ‘type’ but every few months their needs change, and as a result, too many people are using the wrong products. This is confusing and frustrating for both you and your skin, loading it with many heavy creams, oils, and lotions all at once are not the answer to your concerns.

These skin fluctuations are in response to the changing seasons and climate during the year. It’s always useful to understand why exactly these changes occur, in order to achieve happy skin, its crucial to start by fully understanding it.

 So… what does this mean?

Switching from warm to cold weather

During the colder months, increased use in central heating and taking hot showers to warm ourselves can leave the skin feeling dry. There is less humidity with colder and more windy weather, resulting in your skin struggling to cling onto any hydration.

Furthermore, a poor skin barrier can result in the skin becoming more sensitive to environmental conditions, particularly to hot or cold weather environments. A poor skin barrier is more likely to let in irritating materials leading to tight or uncomfortable skin.

Switching from cold to warm weather

Just as your skin adapts to the cooler weather, summer comes around with climate changes, and consequently, this means more skin changes.  In the warmer seasons, humidity is increased making the skin appear more oily, this is because oil flows more easily in hotter environments causing shine on the skin to become worse. 

UV exposure is also higher in summer (yes, even in the UK). This can damage the outer layer of your skin making it appear dull and dry. Sun exposure causes the skin to lose elasticity increasing the appearance of wrinkles. Over time, repeated sun exposure leads to permanently red, blotchy skin. This uneven complexion requires specific products to help battle the skin concern.

Wo Daily Base Skincare

How to manage your seasonal frustrations

Although you can’t control the weather, you can switch up your products in response to your changing skin needs. It’s important to ensure you use the correct products for your skin needs. During winter you may seek hydrating products to rejuvenate the skin treating it with a burst of H20. Or in summer you might require a product that targets concerns which are a result of sun exposure to help tackle your biggest skin frustrations.

Take a look at our Daily Base range if your skin is in need of a hydration boost or our Power TonIQ range for high-performance concentrated relief.

Head over to our skin diagnostic to find out what your actual skin needs. This tailored solution will ensure you are using the right products on your skin in the correct dose. If you’re interested in gaining a deeper insight into the science behind your skin concerns, take some time to immerse yourself into our ‘Keeping skincare human (part 1)’ blog. 


Author – Lily Scales

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