Purely Sweet By Paige X Wǒ - Veganism And Female Entrepreneurship

Purely Sweet by Paige was founded in Nottingham (our home too!). We’ve tried and tested, their treats are in fact as good as they look! This whole food ‘no bake’ bakery specialises in luxury raw vegan desserts delivered to your door. Perfect for people with and without food sensitivities, all of their desserts are refined sugar free and gluten free. 

Much like our values here at Wǒ, we don’t believe in adding unnecessary ingredients, fragrances and packaging to our products. Our scientifically developed Skin Diagnostic and flexible two- step routine means you are sure to use only what you need. A tailored-to-you routine through your letterbox.

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We’ve been chatting to Paige about all things Vegan, Christmas and Female Entrepreneurship. She lives in Nottingham with her furry bestie, Samba, the Yorkipo and absolutely loves water sailing, swimming or paddle-boarding on the weekends!

Purely Sweet By Paige Profile

Could you tell us a bit about your business and where you hope to be in the future? 

I started experimenting with raw, vegan, sugar free baking back in 2018 after my dad was diagnosed with a condition that meant he could no longer eat dairy or refined sugar.

Coming from a family of sweet tooths, this was not something that was easy to adjust to and I often felt like Dad was missing out. So with a passion for baking, stemming from childhood, I got to work experimenting with ingredients that my Dad could eat in an attempt to make some sort of sweet treat.

Using only natural whole food ingredients such as nuts and fruit and after much trial and error (involving many taste testing sessions by dad - self appointed chief taster), I cracked it! The Peanut Caramel Bar was first and from that point onwards, I created more and more sweet treats. I have been vegan for around 3 years and everything from the ingredients used to the packaging is all completely vegan.

I never dreamt that it could actually become a business but after rave reviews from friends and family, I finally took the plunge and Purely Sweet by Paige was born!

My main goal was, and always will be, to create desserts that everyone around the dinner table can enjoy, despite varying dietary requirements and preferences. Despite being gluten and refined sugar free, I always ensure that the treats never compromise on taste or all round deliciousness! 

As a female entrepreneur what is your advice to other young women wanting to do the same? What would you like to see change for females in business?

As a female entrepreneur, I would advise any other young women wanting to do the same to just go for it! If you have an idea, have done the research and perhaps talked to a few other entrepreneurs in the field, now is the time to take that step into building your business. 

Taking that leap of faith is one of the most daunting steps however, the journey that follows is an incredible learning experience and an opportunity to surprise yourself with just how many skills you have and will develop. Confidence is built through trial and error and is something that will grow with your business. 

Wo Skincare and Purely Sweet By Paige

Tell us what you’re excited about for Christmas?

My favourite part is the week leading up to Christmas as my family and I have a few lovely traditions. Each year we always go ice skating together, decorate gingerbread houses, read the Christmas story by candlelight and give each other new pyjamas on Christmas eve… already for Santa to visit!   

We’re all trying to reduce consumption of animal products for the planet, but what are the benefits of a Vegan diet for your health and skin? 

For me, becoming Vegan did not happen overnight. It was a gradual change that began with removing meat, then dairy, then fish, then eggs from my diet over a series of months. With each animal product removed, I noticed more and more benefits to my overall health such as feeling less tired, reduced stomach issues and much better skin! I now suffer far less from breakouts and definitely have a clearer complexion.  

Over the years I have researched the Vegan diet and how to eat to ensure I still get the necessary nutrients. By doing so it has not only helped to improve my physical health but I have noticed it has also helped to improve my mental health. 

What is your favourite thing about Wǒ?

I really like the values of Wǒ and appreciate the fact that they do not use unnecessary ingredients, fragrances and packaging. My favourite Wǒ product has to be the Power TonIQ™ Eye Contour Perfecting Cream. Never have I used a cream that actually made such a difference. The skin around my eyes looked brighter and any dark circles were minimised! It is my new go to eye cream!  

Give Wǒ a go this Wǒmas and redeem your offer with Paige! We’re now offering e-gift cards, alongside sets and kits carefully selected for your skin concerns.

Give your loved ones the gift of great skin this Christmas and let us do the work for you. 

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