Veganuary – The Perfect Time To Consider The Vegan Lifestyle

Interested In Making The Change?

Have you ever considered incorporating a vegan diet into your lifestyle? If not, then Veganuary may be the perfect time to find out a little bit more about why 2% of Brits have taken the leap. Contrary to common belief, a vegan diet can be bright, colourful and full of flavour. In this Journal post we take you through the benefits of introducing a vegan lifestyle into your everyday, some vegan recipe inspiration and our top 5 vegan Instagram accounts to follow.

Vegan food

Your Skin May Thank You

Dairy products have been found to cause hormone imbalances in your skin, making some more prone to blemishes and breakouts. Replacing milk with plant-based alternatives such as Soy, Oat or Rice milk may help clear your skin and improve its complexion.

Naturally, vegan diets are made up of much more fruits, vegetables and legumes which contain vitamins and antioxidants that boost skin radiance and health. For example, Vitamin C brightens and evens your skin tone as well as protecting it from UV damage caused by sun exposure.

Read more about the potential benefits for your skin by reading our previous journal post: Plant- Based Diet – Secret To Healthy Skin?

Protect Our Planet – Lets Talk Ethics

Most of us know that supporting animal rights and standing against animal exploitation and cruelty may be one of the ethical reasons for why people choose to become Vegan. However, many are still unaware of the scale of environmental damage that is caused by mass meat consumption. 

The reality of animal agriculture and farming is shocking, industrial meat is the “single biggest cause for deforestation globally” seeing as more and more land is needed to farm animals and to grow animal feed. It is not surprising therefore that 1/3 of us have stopped eating meat or reduced how much of it we eat seeing as farming animals is responsible for 80% of greenhouse gas emissions coming from the agricultural sector. According to Green Peace in order to help avoid the predicted climate crisis in 2030 us Brits must reduce our meat and dairy consumption by 70%.

We all have to take responsibility for what is going on around us, making small individual changes as a collective have a huge impact that will save our home and the home of others.

It’s All About Balance

Just like skincare, it is all about getting the balance right and taking the whole you into consideration. A vegan diet can be great for so many different reasons, however it may be best to introduce small changes at first to allow yourself to make the adjustments and find what works for you.

Making sure you are eating a varied vegan diet which doesn’t leave you short of all the vital nutrients your body and skin need is really important.

The NHS website provides a helpful guide to help you make the right choices and we have some brilliant accounts to follow to help inspire you as well as some recipes to try out below.

In Need of Some Inspiration?

Here are our Top 5 vegan Instagram accounts to check out:

Ella Woodward (Deliciously Ella)

Henry Firth and Ian Theasby (Bosh)

Rachel Ama

Gaz Oakley

Nisha Vora (Rainbowplantlife)

Time To Have A Go!

Just like skincare we have chosen to keep things simple, here are some effortlessly vegan recipes:

Read Nisha’s tips about making the perfect smoothies for vitamin packed breakfast

Have a go at Gaz Oakley’s burritos for an on-the-go lunch

Try out Jamie Oliver’s Aubergine Curry for a quick and easy dinner

Check out Ella Woodward’s apple and blackberry crumble for a simple wholesome dessert

Share your creations with us and any tips you may have down below

At Wǒ we believe that learning what works for you and getting a deeper understanding of yourself is key to your overall wellbeing. We can help you achieve that balance by providing you with a tailored-to-you solution that understands all aspects of you, your diet and your lifestyle. Take our Skin Diagnostic now to start your journey today.

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