Meet Our Model - Oyinkan

Oyinkan tells us all about her experience using Wǒ, her incredible small business that she runs while completing a medical degree, and her thoughts on sustainability.

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My biggest skin concern was that my forehead often gets oily due to an overproduction of sebum during hormonal fluctuations, but the area around my nose would get super dry. Finding a skin solution to combat this and create an even moisture level throughout my face was what I was hoping to achieve by using Wǒ. When I first tried the products I thought “oh wow my skin feels really supple and bouncy”. The texture felt so good and gentle, and I really felt like I was doing something good for my skin! The monodose packaging made it very straightforward to know exactly how much product I needed to use everyday, and it was much more compact to bring with me rather than so many small bottles- not to mention the colours are so aesthetically pleasing!


Sustainability is something I am incredibly passionate about. I started my seed paper card business, LaiLai, to create an accessible and sustainable solution to disposable cards. When you plant your LaiLai card, you grow a variety of wildflowers that help to promote bee population. As we understand, the bee population is dwindling every year, so it becomes an easy alternative that addresses that problem which is accessible to everyone.

Lai Lai

I thought Wǒ’s sustainability message was really clear. Before I started using the products, I looked through the sustainability page and found the different ways you can reuse the packaging after using the contents. The monodose packaging I found out was not only sustainable, but because it comes in doses, it reduces the amount of product waste significantly! I think in this day and age it is so crucial for brands to think about the afterlife of all their packaging, and to see that from a skincare company was amazing.

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