Ingredient Highlight : Marine Seaweed - The Benefits

We’re talking all things algae and the hydrating and protective benefits of Marine Seaweed - a key ingredient used in our Daily Base™ Aqua Gel formulation. The perfect 3 in 1 cleanser and moisturiser bursting with refreshing plant based actives. It's obtained through the fermentation of laminaria algae found in Aberystwyth, Wales. The process of fermentation helps our skin to better absorb the product and reap more benefits from ingredient actives.


Why is everyone talking about Seaweed? Benefits of seaweed for skin are pretty endless…

Detox and Cleanse:
Seaweed is great for removing dead skin cells, and lifting grime and dirt from the face. It helps to regulate oil production and unblock pores without drying you out. 

Burst of hydration
Seaweed penetrates deep into the skin and acts as a barrier to lock moisture in as well as containing Vitamin E, this is a key antioxidant helps to hydrate the skin - more on that later.

Heal, protect and soothe
Seaweed is perfect for those on the search for more youthful looking skin. Thanks to its natural source of amino acids and anti-oxidants, its anti-inflammatory and skin plumping properties are also just some of the benefits of seaweed for skin health. It helps to smooth fine lines, plump up the skin and repair skin damage such as pigmentation and acne scarring.

Vitamin E benefits. Vitamin E benefits for skin include...

Vitamin E helps to counter damage caused by free radicals. A quick recap of Skin School : free radicals are caused by external pollutants such as air pollution or cigarette smoke, they are unavoidable from day to day. They can cause dark spots and fine lines. Although Vitamin E has protecting action against UV, you most definitely need to pair it with your normal use of SPF sunscreen to have full-on sun protection. Daily sun protection is the best way to achieve youthful skin and keep you looking 25 even at 50, so start now if you haven’t already! 

Deep Moisturisation
Vitamin E is fat soluble, so it can easily make its way deep into the epidermis to deliver deep and long-lasting moisture, keeping you hydrated, youthful and glowing. 

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Author: Sara Poidevin-Hill

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