How Sustainable Is Sustainable When Buying Brand New?

For us consumers, the desire to reduce our negative impact on the planet is increasing rapidly, and so is the number of new products marketed as "sustainable." A recent industry report from Shoppercentric suggests that 80% of U.K. shoppers now describe themselves as being “environmentally friendly.” Most have made adjustments to their lifestyle, either by buying more renewable or recyclable product or going zero waste.

So, it's fair to ask, has green consumerism become the norm?

What is Sustainable Fashion and Beauty?

The word “sustainability” in the context of fashion and beauty mostly refers to the environmental impact of making, wearing, using, and disposing of garments or products. It's a way of consuming thoughtfully and mindfully. According to the wisdom of mindful consumerism, every purchase you make is a "moral act" — an opportunity to "vote with your wallet or purse" for the world you want to see. And with consumers looking for more sustainable ways to shop, it's no surprise that the sustainability movement has become a well-known theme across the fashion and beauty industries. Whether buying secondhand, exchanging, or sharing items and accessories, the appeal is manifold.


Secondhand - The Answer to Sustainable fashion

When we're shopping, and we see something we like, most of us will purchase it, often without a second thought. But, it's essential to be mindful and thoughtful before making purchases — now more than ever before.

Secondhand September, organised by the charity Oxfam alongside supermodel Stella Tennant, is a campaign encouraging customers to take a pledge to avoid buying new clothing for the entire 30 days of the month. This could be tricky, as September represents the month of change and is usually associated with temptations such as Fashion Week, designer advertisements, and the start of autumn dressing. So, if you've yet to shop secondhand, #secondhandseptember is here to kick-start your more sustainable and socially-aware shopping future.

But, with autumn just around the corner, can you turn your back on temptation and commit to saying no to new for 30 entire days? Here's our guide on how you could start and embrace the concept of sustainability in favour of buying brand new.

Buy Secondhand

The resale market — buying and selling of pre-owned goods — is a booming business and ticks several boxes. You obtain what you want for a fraction of the price, and you're helping the environment by giving old products a new life.

And with thrift stores and online resale growing in popularity, digital platforms like The RealReal and Designer Exchange have really come into their own. Placing themselves as conscious alternatives to fast fashion, they are tapping into consumers' changing attitudes towards sustainability and the concept of reuse. Even celebrities are openly endorsing pre-owned goods. The Kardashians-Jenners, for example, are making a move into the resale market, with the launch of Kardashian Kloset. A platform that sells items like clothing, shoes, and handbags that once belonged to the trendsetting family members.

Buying secondhand is perhaps one of the most obvious ways for consumers to understand that they are, without a doubt, embracing a more sustainable option than buying new.

Ready, Set, Swap

Remember the old saying that someone's trash is another person's treasure? The same principle applies to swapping clothes and beauty products.

A swap party is an event where a group of people meet up with items they no longer want or need and swap them for new (to them) items. You can trade, barter, and give clothes, accessories, and even beauty products to your friends while snagging some “new-to-you” stuff to breathe fresh life into your wardrobe or beauty bag. This kind of creative sustainability — sharing rather than throwing away — is great. Not only does it help to protect our environment by cutting down on waste, but it also forms bonds within our communities and strengthens friendships. 

For more on the power of beauty to connect, you might like to read Beauty Is The Bond That Connects Us

We love hosting events, and our single-dose products lend themselves perfectly for this type of sharing among a group of like-minded people. Whether it’s a Wǒ product that you can't wait for one of your friends to try or perhaps no longer need due to changing skin conditions, simply tear off and share away.

Sharing can be caring.

Comment or send us a D.M. if you would love to host a Wǒ event for you to get together with your friends!

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