Celebrating British Values

This weekend we’re joining the British nation in celebrating The Queen’s monumental seventy-year reign. Our Queen has embraced change, individuality, and led our multicultural country with pride through seven immense decades, values that we feel proud to be aligned with as a British beauty brand.

In this historic year it’s our opportunity to both celebrate and pay tribute to Her Majesty and to her service to this country and to The Commonwealth.

Contemporary Britain ruled by Our Queen has 18 ethnic groups* which is ever growing even today as people continue to migrate. The British royal family is multicultural to its core, and that’s long before Meghan Markle. Many former Kings and Queens have come from other European countries such as Spain and Holland.

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“As a British brand, we are proud to say that our brand values are aligned with Great British Values. It’s in our brand DNA to embrace individuality with mutual respect, and show tolerance to those of different faiths and beliefs, as everyone is beautifully unique. Not only are we celebrating the incredible life achievement of The Queen, but we think it’s also worth reminding ourselves of the importance of always acting with integrity, going that extra mile to do the right thing beyond everyday business.” - Karen Lee-Thompson, Founder.

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Our mission is to help you understand your skin and take control of how your skin behaves by looking at your origins. Traits in your DNA add up to define what happens to your skin - both now and in the future. If you inherit a combination of different skin expressions from your parents or grandparents, these traits become even more varied. Intrigued to understand more? Our 5 minute Skin Diagnostic will give you a tailored to you skin solution ready for the Summer season.

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So as communities come together on this long bank holiday weekend to celebrate this rare milestone we’ve all got some serious celebrating to do. The list of garden parties, barbecues and events is getting longer and longer – and if you’re going to be all partied out then your skin will need a little post party pick me up too. Not sure where to start to get your skin looking bright and beautiful? Our Skin Confidence blog has you covered!

Author - Holly Cuthbert

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