Wear Your Skin With Confidence This Summer

A well needed break is due and Summer is the perfect time to indulge in some necessary self-spoiling. After a year of being indoors, there is no denying looking and feeling good is a top priority for our trips away. 

Today, we are speaking with Karen-Lee Thompson, the founder of Wǒ, where we will teach you how to wear your skin with confidence this summer. 

Q: Karen, does your daily skincare routine differ depending on where you are and what you’re doing?

K: Our core message at Wǒ is that your skin is constantly changing, its behaviours fluctuate with changes in your environment and lifestyle. So ultimately, yes it does differ as your skins needs will vary. For me, whenever I spend a few days away, depends on where I go, I take away my new routine that is adapted to my skin needs. It’s so important to feel confident in the products you are using and so sometimes I like to try out something new, I would recommend sampling products that interest you or even easier, try one of our Brightening Kits which have been prepared with a summer staycation in mind and enjoy 15% off until the end of July.

Q: Does the climate of where you are going impact your skin and the products you use?

K: Weather certainly impacts on skin, so a deeper cleanse is often needed if going somewhere more polluted. If you’re going somewhere with a warmer climate, your skin will react to this (And vice versa with a colder climate). To simplify it, central heating and taking hot showers can leave the skin feeling drier. There is also less humidity and colder climates may be more windy, which of course further dry out the skin. On the other hand, if you’re taking a trip to the south for the hotter climate, humidity is increased making the skin appear more oily, this is because oil flows more easily in hotter environments causing shine on the skin to become worse. Lastly, UV exposure is higher which can damage the skin so always remember to keep on top of your SPF, it’s a MUST to healthy skin!

Q: How do you know how much product to take away with you? 

K: Thanks to mono-dose packaging makes it easy. Forget heavy glass bottles or decanting into any small pot you can find, mono-dose means no fuss, no waste and lighter to travel with! I use 2 doses of Daily Base each day, morning and night. Then as and when needed, I treat my skin with the recommended Power TonIQ, I take away with me the ones I usually use and then a couple of extras I may need due to the change in environment and lifestyle. 

Q: Whilst on holiday, how do you ensure you keep your skin healthy? 

K: Staying on top of drinking enough water can be difficult on holiday when you’re constantly busy but it’s so important especially if it’s hot and when I’m on the go. When you’re dehydrated your skin will lose moisture, making it looks dry and dull. Secondly, I remember to treat myself but also maintain a balanced diet as much as possible, eating fruit and veg helps keep your skin glowing so I make sure I still get my 5 a day. And finally, SPF SPF SPF, protecting the skin is more important than ever in summer but with this means I have to ramp up the cleansing routine at the end of the day. 

Q: How do you relax on a staycation with such a busy life? 

K: As a business owner with children, my life is pretty hectic and so when I get the opportunity to rest, I make sure I do. I turn off all my alarms and try forgetting my usual time schedule by doing things as and when I want. I put my day-to-day life to the back of my mind and this helps me to fully enjoy myself. I also make sure I treat myself to some good food, trying new local delicacies without feeling guilty to really immerse myself into the holiday mode.

Q: What are your skincare staycation essentials? 

K: The Daily Base™ Comfort Balm does everything I need in one, cleanses, removes makeup and moisturises. I then apply the Power TonIQ™ Eye Contour Perfecting Essence under my eyes and a lightweight SPF. I bring along a few extras with me as settling down after a long day can take its toll on the skin so I like to give it some TLC to relax. 

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    Dear Karen🙂 今天收到你們的產品,非常開心,因為期待很久了。我是有一次機會在clubhouse聽到你的分享,然後搜尋才認識你們的產品。很多項產品都很吸引我👍


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