Brighten Dull Winter Skin: The Wǒ Guide

Summer is drawing to a close and with the weather dropping in temperature, this can leave the skin feeling dull, dry and thirsty for some TLC. I can picture that dreaded flaky, rough skin just around the corner, but this Autumn and Winter, take good care of your skin and give it a little boost with skincare products that’ll leave you with bright skin all year round. 

A glowing complexion is everyone’s goal, one that never goes out of fashion but the good news is, it really isn’t that hard to achieve and it could mean the difference between a flaking forehead and a soft supple one!

What Causes Dull Skin?

Dull skin is often a result of dehydrated skin and is a common skin concern in the cooler months that often impacts self-confidence. Dehydration decreases the volume of blood flow to the surface giving that grey appearance. There’s no need to hibernate indoors this year because you can take back control by using the right products for your needs. 

You shed thousands of dead skin cells everyday and if they’re left to build up on the skin, your skin won't reflect light, giving it that dull tired appearance that can emphasise fine lines and wrinkles. 

Has September chaos left you stressed with a few too many sleepless nights? We aren’t judging, back to school routines tend to pile up on us (FYI remembering everyone’s schedules isn’t easy). A lack of good quality sleep means your skin cells aren’t repairing and rejuvenating at their optimum level. 

How To Brighten Dull Skin

Up the hydration levels: How hydrated you are from within, radiates out into your skin. The majority of your body is made up of water, around 60% on average, meaning our bodies need water in order to function effectively. There’s a reason we can only survive 3 days without water but 3 weeks without food! Aim for 2 litres per day to replenish moisture levels. 

Moisturise from the outside: Use a lightweight oil as your daily moisturiser, our Daily Base™ Revive Oil is empowered with a blend of six precious oils and plant extracts, bringing instant

skin relief to dry parched, stressed out skin. It deeply hydrates and conditions for a rejuvenating, bright appearance. 

Cleanse to exfoliate dead skin cells: find a cleanser which is right for your needs. It's important to exfoliate away those dead skin cells that have built up on the skin, this way, a fresh layer of skin is revealed glowing beneath. This allows your next skincare steps to penetrate deeper into the skin, working their magic to maximum effect.

Get Those ZZZ’s: Aim for 7-9 hrs of good quality ZZZ’s for less puffy eyes, dark circles and dull skin as sleep deprivation causes a decrease in blood flow around the face. New collagen is made when we sleep giving us that nice plump youthful glow. Struggling to sleep at night? Try this journal which tells you 7 steps for better sleep and skin. 

You are what you eat: Your diet plays a huge role in your skin, if you aren’t nourishing the body properly, don’t expect healthy looking skin. You’re told to get your 5 a day for a reason; fruits and veggies contain lots of good nutrients that give your skin that glow. Antioxidant rich foods like blueberries and beans as well as ones that contain Vitamin C (which is known to boost collagen) such as citrus fruits and kiwi. Want to dive a little deeper into the foods that are best for our skin, try our journal which explains what foods you should eat for youthful looking skin.


Brighten Dull Skin With Our Skin Glow Trio

Get your perfect combination of our Power TonIQ™ range to target dull skin effectively. This blinding (pardon the pun!) trio brightens and revitalises dull looking skin for a more even skin tone and complexion as if you’ve just got back from a holiday. Our Power TonIQ™ Skin Tone Brightening Essence is formulated with carefully selected skin brightening actives, whilst our  Power TonIQ™ Instant Radiance Essence contains a special blend of light reflecting spheres to give a lit from within radiant glow even through Autumn and Winter. Paired with the Power TonIQ™ Intense Hydrating Essence this set provides instant, long lasting hydration, comfort and relief to thirsty skin.

Finding Your Tailored Routine

Find a skincare routine that works for your skin needs. Our Skin Diagnostic is a set of questions based on your heritage, skin reactivity, lifestyle and environment. It takes less than 5 minutes to complete and then based on your answers, it will recommend you your tailored to you skincare routine that targets your skin concerns effectively. Using a diagnostic that has been developed by skin experts is the best way to understand your skin and by learning, we develop and improve. Say goodbye to dull, dry skin!

Author - Lily Scales

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