A Sustainable Spring Clean For Your Skincare Routine

The first day of spring calls for fresh starts and building healthy habits. It's the perfect time to clean and declutter your skincare routine consciously for the environment. The KonMari approach to minimalism encourages people to make space for possessions that spark joy. The items you decide to own, lay down the perfect foundation to transform your way of living and whilst it's easy to let yourself get carried away with endless skincare products, you might find you feel better when your skincare is simple, organised and leaves you guilt free.

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New Season, Same Promise To The Environment

It’s time we made conscious and truly informed decisions before purchasing. Here’s why choosing Wǒ will help you do your bit for the environment:

Decluttering Your Skincare With Wǒ !

100% Recyclable

  • 100% of our packaging is recyclable and 80% of our packaging is made out of recycled PET. This is not the case for traditional packaging; complex jars, pumps, multi-layer tubes and aerosols are not recyclable and are problematic for the environment. Everything we deliver to your door is also recyclable which is why we kept it simple without any unnecessary boxes or cartons.

Use Only What You Need

  • We chose to package our products in a monodose format (P.S. the future of skincare), where each dose is measured so not a drop gets wasted. No need to worry about overloading the skin, having too much or too little. Our products can be ordered in as little as 2 weeks' usage, so you can easily switch them up according to your skin needs.

Tailored To You

  • Your skin needs are constantly changing with your lifestyle and environment and with spring on the way, (hopefully!) the days will be getting warmer and more humid; we recommend you retake our Skin Diagnostic (which is as accurate as a skin expert’s assessment*) so you will never have to throw away skincare that isn’t right for you. Have you ever bought a skincare product only to be disappointed and let it sit forgotten at the back of your bathroom shelf? Our tailored-to-you skincare routine evolves with you, a flexible and adaptable solution that benefits you and the environment.

Sustainability Wo
Waste Not Want Not

  • “I'm only going for a week, how is my wash bag so full?!” sound familiar? Gone are the days of compromising on products just to get the zip done up! We simplify your 10 step skincare routine down to just two steps. Thanks to multifunctional products, you’ve got just your 3 in 1 Daily Base™ and then if needed, your targeted Power TonIQ™. Clear your bathroom shelf and minimise unnecessary consumption effortlessly.

Letterbox Skincare

  • So lightweight and portable it fits right through your letterbox! With no unnecessary packaging or complex materials to simplify the recycling process, our packaging is travel friendly - by cutting down everyone’s luggage by 2lb or 1KG for an one hour short haul flight, the aircraft's fuel savings would be the same as taking 10,500 cars off the road for the entire year - in turn reducing your carbon footprint!

Still here! Have we won you over yet? Head over to our Skin Diagnostic to get your hands on your new conscious springcare routine!

Author - Lily Scales

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