Skincare For Puffy Eyelids
& Dark Circles

The skin around the eyes can have dark circles and can be puffy, this can be typical in some people and not at all in others. But your skin is always changing in response to hormones, diet, health and DNA, so this problem can occur at anytime, for a number of reasons.

We consider dark circles and puffiness around the eyes to be one of the major skin concerns that needs to be understood. Using our skin diagnostic, we can help you to discover more about your skin.

Customer Reviews

I have been using it for three weeks, and already noticing improvements in brightness under my eyes - subtle changes, but less shadows noticeable. Well impressed!

Connie, Power TonIQ™ Eye Contour Perfecting Essence

After just one application I noticed a difference around my eyes and the darkness under my eyes. I would definitely recommend this to anyone with wrinkles or dark circles around their eyes.

Kim, Power TonIQ™ Eye Contour Perfecting Essence