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Commonly Asked Questions

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Using The Products - Daily Base™ & Power TonIQ™

Our Daily Base™ have been designed for you to use every day as your basic skincare routine. Each Daily Base™ has a multi-functional purpose and is used for cleansing, hydrating and conditioning the skin. All you need is one simple, easy-to-use, mono-dose format. 

Our Power TonIQ™ target specific skin concerns based on the results of your skin diagnostic tool. Every Power TonIQ™ contains a powerful blend of high-performance actives concentrated into one beauty essence that is absorbed quickly and effectively. 

These actives have been carefully selected from around the world for their proven scientific benefits. Every active ingredient has been clinically tested so that you can be sure they do what they say they do and will give you the desired results. 

Great skin starts with a great base. Our Daily Bases are specially formulated into four unique textures: gel, cream, balm and oil with carefully chosen actives that deliver amazing skin results.

The first step to choosing your Daily Base™ is to complete the online Skin Diagnostic. We will then be able to determine which Daily Base™ is best for your unique complexion.

Our formulas contain natural plant-based extracts and special oil blends that are carefully selected for their synergistic performance for optimal results. They act as magnets and attract oil, dirt and makeup while nourishing, conditioning and hydrating.

Our Daily Base™ products do not contain any soap or detergent-based cleansers. There is no need to wash it off, so the actives stay on the skin and work their magic.

Just follow these simple steps:


Simply peel back the blister or snap open the vial and gently scoop or squeeze out the product into your palms. 


First cleanse: Apply to the face by patting gently over the skin and massage in a circular motion for a minute. Wipe off with a tissue, cotton pad or damped cloth.


Second cleanse: Repeat step 2 and rinse the face lightly with water.


Hydrate: Massage in a final layer of your Daily Base™ and allow the actives to sink into your skin.

Once you’ve applied your Daily Base™, use the Power TonIQs to treat your specific skin needs. 

Our products have been designed and packaged for mono-dose usage. We recommend that you use the entire contents of one blister every time you cleanse, hydrate and condition.

Yes, our products are travel-friendly and have been designed with convenience in mind.

Currently, all products are mono-dose size (1-2ml) which makes it an ideal travel companion.

Most of our products are made in Switzerland.

We currently have one product that is manufactured in South Korea. It’s the only country that has the specific technology needed to create this product to the quality standards that we require.

Diagnostic Method

There are a number of factors that help us cater to so many different individuals. These include:

The unique process and assessment that we use helps to understand the likely factors that contribute to an individual’s skin concerns. This allows us to narrow down the combination that we think will best suit the individual.

We use data from known variations in ethnicities and likely hereditary patterns to further zone-in on the best combination.

We also have a special algorithm that takes into account age and lifestyle factors to understand and overlay how varying skin ethnicities might behave.

There are thousands of possible combinations when selecting Daily Base™ and
Power TonIQ™, this enables us to offer tailored skincare solutions for everyone!

Packaging & Sustainability

Yes, all our packaging is recyclable. Be sure to rinse out any vials or blisters before putting them into recycling.

Here is a breakdown of our packaging:

Boxes - made from recycled cardboard

Blisters - made from fully recyclable PET and aluminium

Vials - made from 80% recycled PET

Paper bags - paper that is sourced from responsibly managed forests

No, 80% of our products are made from 80% recycled PET. All our packaging can be recycled.

Ingredients & Testing Policies

We want to communicate positively about the ingredients used in our formulations. You won't find us using the term ‘free-from’; instead we are here to highlight the presence of worthy ingredients in our product descriptions.  We understand that people might have some concerns over cosmetic ingredients, so we hope to clarify in the answers below some of the queries about the absence of some of the 'free-from' referenced ingredients in our formulation.

The safety of the consumers using our products is our defining principle and overarching priority; we go above and beyond any regulatory compliance and we use top industry experts to work with and guide us on the use of ingredients we choose to include.  This is our duty of care to our customers.

Our formulations are developed with the 'skincare for all' principal in mind. The formulations we developed are suitable for all skin types irrespective of your ethnic origin or gender.

We have considered the concerns for the environment in which we all live, both locally and globally. We have selected the ingredients and packaging for our products taking into account both their origin and how they may impact on the environment once disposed of.

We want to demonstrate that our products are all we say they are; we have tested and proven our products using a combination of clinical and user trial testing using an accredited independent testing lab based in the UK.

No, our products are NOT tested on animals. 

Although some countries still demand animal testing on finished products, we’ve made the decision not to distribute our products in those countries. 

Our products are NOT vegan certified, but wherever possible we avoid the use of animal-derived ingredients. And, at the moment, none of our formulations contain animal-derived products.

We do not, under any circumstances, use any ingredients that are derived from endangered marine animals. (For example, squalene)

We also do not use any colours in our products that are derived from animals. (For example, carmine.)

However, future formulations might contain beeswax or lanolin. Although these ingredients are animal-derived, sourcing them does not cause any harm to the animal. 

Yes, some of our products do contain antimicrobial agents. 

Antimicrobial agents are required to prevent any opportune colonisation of bacteria that may inadvertently be introduced by consumers. Antimicrobial agents act as preservatives in our products.

Any preservatives incorporated into our products are optimised for the specific formulation being developed, with the exception of those listed below.

The following ingredients are subject to stated controls in Beauty Consociare Ltd formulations. 

4- Hydroxybenzoic acid - butyl, ethyl, methyl, and propyl esters and their respective salts. These parabens are allowed in all product types, subject to the usage conditions and concentration thresholds defined in Annex V of Regulation (EC) 1223/2009 (1).

Phenoxyethanol (CAS/EU numbers 122-99-6 / 204-589-7). A maximum permitted concentration of 0.7% in skincare products designed for application to the face. A maximum concentration of 1.0% for all other formulation types and areas of application.

Our products DO NOT contain the following and are prohibited from being used in our formulations:

Formaldehyde and the Formaldehyde-releasers (those substances which exert their antimicrobial action through the release of formaldehyde)

Methylchloroisothiazolinone or methylisothiazolinone mixture

Methylisothiazolinone in its own right

No, our products are not silicone-free. Some of our products contain one or more members of the silicone family of cosmetic ingredients. For example, we use one family member which is commonly known by the name “dimethicone.” 

Silicones are commonly used as cosmetic ingredients because they impart some important attributes to the formulation in which they are used. For example, they can make a formulation feel lightweight, silky and smooth, which are important for people who use cosmetic and skincare products. However, because some consumer groups and scientists have expressed concerns about the potential detrimental effects of silicones on our environment, our formulation technologists only use them when there are no alternative ingredients available to achieve the skin-feel attribute they want to achieve. 

We include the names of any silicones that we do use in the ingredients lists of products. Therefore, you will be able to make an informed decision before choosing to purchase our products. 

Yes, some of our products, like the Daily Baserange, contain fragrance, also known by the ingredient name “parfum.“

We include the ingredient name “parfum” for any fragrances that we do use in the ingredients lists of products. Therefore, you can make an informed decision before choosing to purchase our products. 

Our Power TonIQ™ products are all fragrance-free.

No, our products DO NOT contain mineral oil, also known by the cosmetic ingredient name “Paraffinum liquidum.”

Yes, some of our products do contain squalane. Our formulation uses squalane that’s sourced from olives

Our products do not contain squalene (with an e). Squalene is produced naturally by our skin and is also found in a certain marine animal. Our products are cruelty-free which is why we use squalane that is plant-based

No, our products DO NOT contain microplastics.

Microbeads are a kind of microplastic with the specific purpose of scrubbing or exfoliating. In cosmetics, “microplastics” refers to all types of tiny plastic particles (smaller than 5mm) that are intentionally added to cosmetics and personal care products.

Microplastics in cosmetics have been banned in the UK since January 2018 and the sale of such products since June 2018.

Allergies & Skin Sensitivity

If you have skin that is eczema-prone, it’s best that you consult your healthcare professional or General Practitioner (GP) before using any new skincare product. Although we take great care in our formulations, our products have not been tested on consumers who have eczema-prone skin. 

If you suffer from skin allergies, we recommend that you consult your healthcare professional or General Practitioner (GP) before using any new skincare product. All of our ingredients are in the ingredients lists of our products, available online. 

Some of our products do contain sesame oil, we use a highly-purified medical grade. If you have a sesame allergy, we recommend that you consult your healthcare professional or General Practitioner (GP) before using any of our products.

The sesame oil we have used in our formulations will be listed as SESAMUM INDICUM (SESAME SEED OIL).

Gluten intolerance is related to the inability of the body to digest gluten. Our products are designed for skin application only and should not be ingested.

Although we take great care in our formulations, our products have not been tested on consumers who are allergic to gluten when applied topically. 

If you are allergic to the topical application of products that contain gluten, we recommend that you consult your healthcare professional or General Practitioner (GP) before using any new skincare product.

No, our products do not contain any ingredients that are derived from milk. 

Our products have not been tested on post-laser treated skin. We recommend that you consult your healthcare professional or General Practitioner (GP) before using any new skincare product on damaged or broken skin.

AHA's, Retinol (Vitamin A) & Skin Brightening

Yes, some of our products do contain alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA).

Alpha Hydroxy Acids are used for their exfoliating properties. However, this can lead to sun sensitivity due to the resultant thinning of the facial skin. 

If you are using one of our products that contain AHAs, we recommend the additional use of a supplementary skincare product that has the appropriate UV protection. 

Our usage of AHAs in our formulations complies with the recommendations of the EC SCCS Position Paper concerning the safety of alpha-hydroxy acids (SCCNFP/0370/00, dated 28th June 2000). Specifically, the following conditions apply:

Glycolic acid — up to a maximum in-use concentration of 4% and a formulation pH>=3.8

Lactic acid — up to a maximum in-use concentration of 2.5% and a formulation pH>=5.0

Yes, the Power TonIQ™ Instant Radiance Boosting Essence contains Alpha Arbutin, a safe skin lightening ingredient that promotes lightening and an even skin tone.

We carefully review each and every ingredient that we use to make sure it’s safe for use. We only choose those that have a proven track record of safety which would include ingredients that are safe for pregnant or breastfeeding customers.

However, if you are concerned about any ingredient that’s in our products, we recommend that you consult your healthcare professional or General Practitioner (GP) before using it.

No, our products do not contain any retinol (Vitamin A) or any of its esters.

Orders & Shipping

We currently ship to:

Mainland UK (including Highlands and Islands, Isle of Man, Channel Islands).

Countries in Europe: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Guernsey, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Isle Of Man, Italy, Jersey, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, Holy See (Vatican City State)

Countries Worldwide: Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan.

We will be looking to make our brand available to more of the world in the near future.

There are three options available for shipping to UK:

1. Standard UK (3-5 business days): £3.99

2. Next Business Day UK* (1-3 business days): £7.99

3. Free delivery** - Basket spend of £55 or more

*Next Business Day shipping is only available for Mainland UK addresses. We’ll let you know if this changes.

** Free delivery only available for standard delivery service

There are two options available for shipping to Europe:

1. Europe Standard (5+business days): £15.99

2. Free delivery - Basket spend of £90 or more

There are two options available for shipping Worldwide:

1. Worldwide Standard ( 8+business days): £27.99

2. Free delivery - Basket spend of £150 or more

If you need to change your shipping address, please contact us within 2 hours from the time of order and we will gladly adjust it for you if possible. You can email us at info@wearewo.com

Returns & Exchanges

We want you to be happy with your Wǒ purchase. However, unless your product is damaged during transit, we can’t accept returns on non-faulty items.

We only accept exchanges on purchases if they are damaged during transit.

Although we take great care to prevent any damage to your goods during transit, it’s possible that problems may arise. If your product has arrived faulty, please contact us at info@wearewo.co for further instruction.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase for reasons other than it arrived damaged, please contact us at info@wearewo.com within 14 days of purchase as stated on your invoice/receipt. We take all complaints regarding the quality of our products seriously and we will need to investigate the reported complaint in more detail.

Please contact us at info@wearewo.com with your name and order number details and we will make sure that this is resolved as soon as possible.


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PR Requests

For any requests related to publication, samples, use of images, quotes or other press-related matters, please contact us at info@wearewo.com

We currently do not have any vacancies. But, we are always happy to hear from enthusiastic people on a journey. You can contact us at info@wearewo.com

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