Winter Break Travel Friendly Skincare

We’ll set the scene. You’re packing your bags for a weekend away with friends or a romantic getaway. You’ve planned the outfits, squeezed in the hair straighteners but then you realise you haven’t got any room left for your skincare routine. You find yourself in a predicament, asking yourself whether you need that extra pair of heels more than your eye cream and toner. Your winter break doesn’t need to include any more dilemmas, we’ll explain why… 

Travel Skincare That Is Fuss Free

What if your skincare routine was already travel friendly from the outset? Lugging around your bulky 10 step skincare routine and packing everything but the kitchen sink is really a thing of the past. At Wǒ we’ve designed our products with simplicity and ease in mind. We’ve made your whole skincare routine light-weight and travel friendly. Our 100% recyclable mono-dosage packaging slots in pretty much anywhere and weighs practically nothing. This means you can A: Bring only what you need with you and B: Switch up your routine easily because we know that as you change so will your skin. 

Wo Skincare Travel Friendly Skincare Makeup bag

Lightening Your Skincare Load Is Beneficial For the Environment 

  • Our travel friendly skincare is friendly to your skin and the planet. By cutting down everyone's flight luggage by 2lb or 1KG, the aircraft's fuel savings would be the same as taking 10,500 cars off the road for the entire year- in turn reducing your carbon footprint! 
  • As our packaging is lightweight we emit less CO2 during the manufacturing process and shipping. Which is not the case for traditional packaging such as heavy glass bottles or jars.

Wo Skincare Mono-Dosage

Travel Skincare During The Winter - Dry, Flaky Skin No More. 

As we make our way through Winter - slowly but surely your skin may change. You’ve maybe noticed it’s a bit dryer and tighter, more sensitive. This is because dry, cold environments draw moisture away from the skin and this can result in the skin becoming more sensitised and irritated. We recommend you take our Skin Diagnostic to find out exactly what your skin needs, especially if you’re going away. This means your tailored to you routine is guaranteed to work for you - less waste, less fuss. Travel skincare just got simpler. Healthier, happier skin means a glowing complexion all year round. 

Dry Skin

Pack lighter and smarter with a tailored to you routine delivered straight through your letterbox. If you’re staying round a friend’s house and want to see if this works for you, we offer 5 samples for £6.95 including FREE delivery and a £5 voucher towards your next order. Treat yourself and give Wǒ a go!


Author: Sara Poidevin- Hill

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