Why We’re Going Against The Norm This Black Friday

The November shopping frenzy, otherwise known as Black Friday is coming up but how does this impact the planet? Well, in 2020, online shopping on Black Friday was predicted to release 429,000 tonnes of carbon emissions into the atmosphere. To put this into perspective, this is the same amount of carbon produced by 435 return flights between London and New York and weighs the same as 61,307 elephants. 

And Black Friday only seems to get bigger and bigger every year. Attitudes are changing but are brands taking responsibility in changing their notions? It’s time we break the mould, not the planet.

What started as one day of shopping has turned into a whole month of ridiculous deals that encourage overconsumption, something that is never sustainable.

With the cost of living crisis leaving us all cutting corners where we can, it's important not to forget your home, the planet that we live on. Stop before you shop and make conscious decisions, there are sustainable routes that don’t cost a bomb. 

How We’re Breaking The Mould, Not The Planet

Buy only what you need 

Our Skin Diagnostic is the perfect solution to mindlessly purchasing products. Even if you think you need something, you might not! For example, this is a massive issue in the skincare industry as it's so hard to know what product is going to be right for your needs. Guessing games and trying new products is a long and dangerous game. Get good skincare that works for your needs, with us. 

Our quick Skin Diagnostic is not just a product filtration tool, it is a smart algorithm developed by skin experts and is as accurate as a skin expert’s opinion*. It takes just 5 minutes to complete our set of holistic questions about your ethnicity, environment, skin reactivity and lifestyle. Based on your answers and using the latest skin science research, it will then analyse, explain your skin health and recommend a 2 step routine that's right for you. Long gone are the days of throwing away products that aren't right for you. Remember, our Skin Diagnostic is free so retake it whenever your lifestyle or environment fluctuates to keep on top of any skincare changes you might need to make. 

Less is more this season

Invest in products that you can upcycle or ones that are multi-purpose. The gift that keeps on giving! Our 4 Daily Base™ are 3 in 1, this means they replace your makeup remover, cleanser and moisturiser and are packaged in one product. But it doesn't stop there, recently we discovered endless ways you can adapt your Daily Base™ to work for you, saving you time and money, and the planet will thank you for it! Introducing the Double Duty Daily Base™, from hair masks and face masks to replacing your daily sticky hair gel, our products can be adapted in so many ways to benefit you. Head over to our recent journal post for all the details on how you can take full advantage of this. 

Combine your love for upcycling and gardening; Our 11 Power TonIQ™ can be upcycled as plant labels for your vegetable and herb patches or simply to jot down the care instructions for specific plants. 

Our products are 100% recyclable 

It’s simple, 100% of our packaging is recyclable, 80% of our packaging is made out of Recycled PET. As our packaging is lightweight we emit less CO2 during the manufacturing process and shipping. Which is not the case for traditional packaging; Complex jars, pumps, multi-layer tubes and aerosols are not recyclable and problematic for the environment. 

When recycling your Wǒ, there’s just one easy step - put your packaging in your recycling bin. With your average skincare brands that use bottles and jars etc, it can be confusing with different features (pumps, labels, lids) having different recycling processes, in the end these often just get thrown in the general waste bin because of the hassle. We will always keep things simple.

Help us plant a tree

From the 25th November, we will be planting a tree for every person that takes our Skin Diagnostic this week in a bid to be self conscious. Take less than 5 minutes out of your day to help support us and care for the planet. You don’t even have to move or pay a penny! Our Skin Diagnostic is free to take over and over again and it is all online so kick your feet up and help save the environment from the comfort of your home.

Give the control to your friends and family

Looking to get a Christmas present bargain on Black Friday no matter what it is? Reduce mindless consumption and purchase an E-Gift Card, the more eco-friendly way to gift. We will email you your Christmas themed gift card which you can send onto your recipient. The best part? You can tailor it to your budget and choose either £20, £30 or £50. Everyone needs skincare so be confident your present will get good use. Your recipient can then take the Skin Diagnostic themselves and buy their 2 step tailored routine, ensuring they buy only what they need. No more guessing what’s right for someone! 

Let’s take action

The responsibility lies with us all, from us consumers to corporations and the government, we can all do our best to make a change and implement new traditions. Black Friday is about the rush, the speed, the compulsion and it’s time to slow before it's too late. The key takeaway here is to stay conscientious and buy with purpose. 

*Study in collaboration with DHEZ, University of Bradford, UK

Author - Lily Scales

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