Why Do We Feel Happier In The Summer?

The anticipation of summer usually fills us with a boost of optimism and euphoria, but have you ever wondered why we feel happier in the summer? We’ll be going through some of the reasons why we tend to feel more positive in the warmer months, and how to achieve healthy, glowing skin this summertime.

Longer Days

Back in the end of March, the clocks sprang forward giving us that extra precious hour of daylight. And now as the sun starts setting later and later during the day, and the weather gets warmer, we get to enjoy things like picnics in the park, mesmerising sunset strolls in the evening, and other outdoor activities. This increase of sunlight exposure during the day benefits both our physical and mental wellbeing in so many ways.


Better Sleep

The increased light exposure during the summertime helps to regulate a hormone in our bodies called melatonin, which is released primarily at night to help control the sleep-wake cycle, allowing us to get better quality sleep. This change in our sleep cycle helps to reduce fatigue and gives us the boost of energy to complete the day.

Vitamin D

Although the UV rays found in sunlight can be damaging towards our skin, (which is why it is important to keep reapplying your SPF all throughout the day), sunlight also works to naturally produce vitamin D in our bodies. This helps regulate the amount of phosphate and calcium which then helps to ensure that our bones, teeth, and muscles receive the nutrition they need to remain healthy. Vitamin D is also known to regulate our mood, which helps to increase your energy levels throughout the day, reducing the risk of depression- making us feel happier!


Less Stress

Summertime usually entails some precious time off, which allows for potential holiday plans, spontaneous activities, or even just being able to catch up with some much needed rest. When we do not get enough time to rest and rejuvenate, our body increases the production of a steroid based stress hormone called cortisol. This hormone works as your body’s natural alarm system, alerting your brain and body when you’re feeling stressed or scared thus allowing your brain to regulate the levels of adrenaline to combat this perceived “danger”. Too much cortisol can affect our skin too, causing an overproduction of oils which can lead to clogged pores and breakouts.

Summer Skincare

Our Skin Diagnostic provides you the perfect tailored two-step skincare routine that suits your individual lifestyle, stress factors, and ethnic heritage which then works powerfully to combat any skin concerns. The cherry on top is that every product comes in a convenient and sustainable monodose packaging, allowing you to travel any holiday this summer with ease and great looking skin.

Author - Grace Marlene

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