Which Oil Is Best For Skin Brightening?

What Causes Dull and Dry Skin?

Dull and dry skin is a common skin concern that people often confuse with temporary skin dehydration. There are some major causes of dull and dry skin:

  • Your skin lacks lipids - not enough natural oil and fats produced by your skin.
  • Using products containing solvents such as alcohol and detergents.
  • Environmental - cold temperatures, UV exposure or taking long hot showers.
  • Certain ethnicities also have a tendency of drier skin.
  • Natural aging - a decrease in collagen production and less frequent renewal of the outer layer of skin
  • General dehydration - this aggravates the skin's dryness

Which Oil Is Best For Skin Brightening?
Our Daily Base Revive Oil brings instant relief to dry parched skin, protecting against daily stresses to strength the skin barrier whilst promoting a healthy radiant complexion. This rich yet light-weight formula gives your skin exactly what's missing without feeling greasy or uncomfortable.

Ingredients You Can Trust

Camellia Oil works to deeply hydrate and condition the skin, replenishing lost moisture to help smooth, soften and firm the skin. 

Rose Hip Oil is rich in omegas for moisture and regenerating the skin. It supports a boost in collagen production whilst helping to brighten. 

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The start of your happy skin journey starts here. Simple changes in your lifestyle combined with the right products will ensure you never have to worry about dry, dull skin again. 

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