What Skincare Should I Use?

One question we often get from people has always been: "What skincare should I use?"

There is not one definitive answer as everyone’s skin is unique. Depending on your genetic makeup, your lifestyle and skin goals, what products you should use varies from person to person. Gone are the days of ‘skin type’, categorising skin based on whether you are oily, dry or combination; that is a thing of the past. It’s about much more than that, it’s about developing a better understanding of your skin needs and skin goals. 

That is why, alongside skin science experts, we have developed a Skin Diagnostic. Not sure what a Skin Diagnostic is? The first thing that comes to mind is a ‘skin test quiz’.

Our Skin Diagnostic is much more than a ‘skin type’ quiz and much more than a simple product filtration tool.

Our Skin Diagnostic is unique as we consider every aspect of you. These include your ethnicity, skin sensitivity or reaction to the sun exposure, your lifestyle and wellbeing, in order to establish your skin characteristics, skin needs and skin goals. We then calculate your unique Skin Scores based on your answers and recommend which of our products are best suited to you. So that your question of "what skincare should I use?" is answered in under 5 minutes. 

Googling "what skincare should I use?" often leads to misinformation and confusion. Endless skincare routine steps and multiple product combinations leaves you feeling more lost than when you started. Our Skin Diagnostic provides you with a solution which is guaranteed to work for you and your unique skin needs, it is as accurate as a skin expert’s assessment*. We keep your skincare routine in two simple steps.  Our products are designed to replace your bulky multi-step routine through its travel and environmentally friendly mono-dosage format. Our Daily Base replaces your makeup remover, cleanser and moisturiser, whilst our range of Power TonIQ provide targeted solutions for your specific skin needs. 

To find your unique solution and find out what skincare you should be using, take our Skin Diagnostic now and start your journey towards a deeper understanding of your skin. 

*Study in collaboration with University of Bradford, UK

Author - Sara Poidevin-Hill

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