What Are Daily Bases™ And Which One Is Right For Me?

With so many different formulations, textures and formats available when trying to choose a product, it can be hard to cut through all the noise and understand what product is best for you. Each of our Daily Bases has been designed with different textures to suit different skin needs. But this may leave you asking, what do they do for my skin?

Firstly, for those of you that may be asking what Wǒ Daily Bases are: they are a 3-in-1 product for cleansing, hydrating, and conditioning the skin.

Aqua Gel

This is our lightest Daily Base. The gel-like formula absorbs into the skin quickly, and the high water content offers a weightless texture, leaving a cool feeling on the skin. Everyone needs moisture, even oily skin. We recommend using the Aqua Gel for oily or breakouts-prone skin or for during the hotter summer months as the light texture of this product will offer your skin oil-free lasting hydration.  

Wonder Cream

Our Wonder Cream is a perfectly balanced, innovative cream - it glides easily onto the skin.  91% of people who tested the product agreed!  It combines all of the best sensory experiences of butter, balm and gel, to give this unique Wonder Cream texture.  It thoroughly cleanses the skin and leaves it nourished, with immediate and long term hydration benefits.  It is ideal for skins that are prone to redness after exposure to excess heat or cold environments.  

Comfort Balm

An exquisitely textured balm, high in oils and using the latest Korean skincare technology. It melts into your skin on application to provide deep moisturisation. When used as part of your cleansing routine, it will easily remove any stubborn make-up and other impurities from your skin, without leaving your skin dry.  It helps to restore moisture and balance to your skin. Most suited to skin with large, noticeable open pores or for skin requiring a deep cleanse from heavy make-up.

Revive Oil

The Revive Oil has an extremely light, elixirs like texture, with six precious oils and plant extracts, to give a sublime experience on the skin. Most suitable for skin that is prone to dryness or mature skin. It nourishes the layers of the skin without leaving a greasy residue - the skin feels smoother and strengthened after use.

Which Daily Base is best for you?

The answer lies within our skin diagnostic! Our super smart, algorithm-based skin diagnostic will take into account your age, ethnicity, environment and current lifestyle to advise which is most suited to your skin needs. All Daily Base™ are clinically tested to provide immediate and long term hydration and our claims are backed up by an independent user trial study, so you can be confident in the results! Now it's time for you to experience our Daily Base™!

Take our skin diagnositc today and sign up for an account to discover your Daily Base™ and find out more about the ingredients we use you can visit Our Range

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