Wellbeing – A Magic Formula That Works For All Does Not Exist.

Can being healthy become unhealthy?

Whilst we are all on the pursuit of wellness and looking after our wellbeing, are we losing ourselves in the process? It seems that we are looking to copy those around us, looking at social media to tell us what wellness is and what it looks like.

Meditation, self-care and fitness have become much like an aesthetic to follow. Whilst platforms like Instagram are great for inspiration, it leads to comparison, expectations and assumptions. There is an overload of information about how others are living their lives, ranging from workout plans, recipes and books to read, all with one thing in common- the guarantee of happiness and wellness.

How we live is what makes us real

We are all individual, keep that in mind

The reality is that everyone’s definition of wellness and how to achieve or maintain it is different, so why would there be a one size fits all approach? There’s often an all or nothing mindset, a timetable to stick to, the notion that unless you don’t meditate at least 7 days a week, workout 5 of those days and read before bedtime you won’t achieve wellness. This may work for you but not necessarily for your mum or your friends and that is okay. Wellness is a concept that is individual to everyone.

One person’s way of relieving stress may be meditate or read a book, whilst someone else may prefer going for a run or relax with friends. Right now, your idea of improving your wellbeing may be working internally on your self- esteem, for others it will be to better relationships with those around you that matter. For some it may be working towards 10k or they may be working on a creative project which makes them feel positive. The important thing to recognise is that we are all different and at different points in our lives. Create your own journey and have your own goals.

Happy place- wellbeing

What is your definition of wellness? Is it a one of or a mixture of the following:

  • Good relationships and friendships
  • Good health
  • Diet and fitness
  • Emotional/mental wellbeing
  • Spiritual wellbeing
  • Intellectual wellbeing
  • Financial stability

What do you focus on to improve your wellbeing?

  • Making time for friends and family
  • Getting enough sleep
  • Taking time for yourself
  • Self- Reflection
  • Reading books, watching films
  • Keeping busy, trying new things
  • Exercise & fitness
  • Staying creative

Ask yourself…

How often do you find yourself looking at others and thinking - should I be doing what they are doing? Will I be happier? The answer is most likely no, because wellness is not a one size fits all. Instead ask yourself what do I want to do? What works for me?  It depends on what you like, what you are like, what is sustainable for you, and you probably know this best. It is personal and takes time to figure out, don’t force yourself to fit into someone else’s definition of wellness. There is no such thing as a criteria or a box to fit in to. Experiment with different things and find your own balance - embrace unique!

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Author – Sara Poidevin-Hill

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