Wǒ X K.fines - Who Knew Skincare And Jewellery Were So Similar!

Today we’re talking all things simplicity with k.fines, a Nottingham based, contemporary jewellery boutique. This fellow independent business offers unique pieces for everyone. Designed with longevity and timelessness in mind, our values align in prioritising quality over quantity. We’re running an exclusive offer together! Purchase from us today for £10 off at k.fines, or purchase from k.fines for £10 off at Wǒ, when you spend over £50.

We believe in embracing unique and reducing unnecessary waste. This is why we offer a flexible two step skincare routine, tailored-to-you and your needs. There is no need to overload your skin with multiple steps and products - quality over quantity is key. Our Skin Diagnostic does all the work for you and is as accurate as a skin expert’s assessment*

Quality Over Quantity For Jewellery Too...

Just like our skincare is designed to accompany you as you evolve, k.fines believe in longevity and individuality. Working closely with talented designers, k.fines source original pieces that align with their values, providing a very special selection of styles for everyone. 

We’re both on the same page when it comes to treating yourself to skincare or jewellery, the goal is to have a few staples in your life- keep things simple and sustainable. Gift someone the ultimate gift which is personal to them. 

We caught up with them just in time for Wǒmas: 

Can you tell us a little bit more about you as a business?

So we are k.fines, we are an independent jewellery boutique with offerings from local, national and international designers and are so pleased to have two beautiful stores one in Nottingham and one in Lincoln. We think of ourselves as a little jewellery haven with a focus on delivering a unique and personal experience for all of our clients. 

What are your top tips when looking for the perfect piece of jewellery for gifting? 

Our advice for choosing the perfect gift for that special someone is to really think about your relationship with the recipient. You know them better than we do and although trying to get it perfect the first time is obviously the desired outcome, don't overthink it. Choose something that sparks a connection, whether that is a pair of earrings with a touch of blue because you know the shade of blue featured is their absolute favourite colour or a bracelet you also have so that wherever you are in the world you both have something special to join you together always. Keep it unique, keep it personal.

What is your favourite product at Wǒ?

We’ve had a play with some GORGEOUS Wǒ products and can hands down say the Daily Base™ Revive Oil is our new go to. Light and hydrating you can't go wrong, you have to try it!

We are so pleased to be collaborating with Wǒ on this project, jewellery and skincare are intertwined for us, if your skin looks and feel good you whole day can take on a new direction. We also apply this to jewellery, a good moisturiser can change the game and so can your favourite necklace or those special earrings. We also agree completely with celebrating differences, at k.fines we often say there is something in our store for everyone which is why we stock many different designers with various styles so that we can celebrate our differences.

Who knew jewellery and skincare were so similar! Treat yourself or a loved one to the ultimate gift of skin confidence or a timeless piece they can cherish...

 *Study in collaboration with the University of Bradford, UK

Authors: Sara Poidevin - Hill and Jessica Pinner 

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