Trends: Awards Season Skincare For 2022 by Mary Jane Frost

Is makeup out of style? Make-down is the new make-up, done-up high glam looks may be something we can leave behind in 2021, minimal makeup is what's here to stay. So, what are the new makeup trends? Good skincare is the secret to good makeup! Believe it or not, your makeup’s base is what really matters, creating a fresh canvas prepped for a bit of TLC is the best way to really melt the products together.

Prepping The Skin

So we all know that creating the best skincare base comes from a routine that suits your specific skin goals and concerns. But, the no.1 rule when it comes to building a new routine is to start with perfecting your cleansing and moisturising. Find a cleanser that works for you, it should gently remove the build up of dirt and oil from the day and night without completely drying your skin out. Using a moisturiser is essential as it is important that skin retains moisture to prevent the external environment from aggravating the skin which could result in dry or irritated skin. As well as this, it's so important to protect the skin, if you're out and about, external factors such as cold weather and winds can damage the skin so we must prioritise protecting the skin barrier.

Who Does It Best?

Surprisingly, minimal makeup looks can really make a statement on the red carpet. The bare faced look is a go-to for many celebrities including Zendaya, Zoe Kravitz who loves to flaunt her amazing freckles and Yara Shahidi who is known for keeping makeup minimal and fresh! Need a bit of inspo? If they can rock it with confidence, so can you! If lockdown taught us anything, it is to love our natural selves, embracing your natural beauty is empowering and freeing. Paring back the makeup is a great way to show off ‘real’, glowing skin. Experiment and switch it up with different makeup trends to enhance your natural features for a glowy red-carpet read look.


Create Your Own Fresh Faced Red Carpet Look

Confidence is key when it comes to owning yourself. Master the basics using a Wǒ Daily Base™, take their Skin Diagnostic to discover which one is best suited to your skin’s needs.

Looking to go the extra mile? Stand out from the crowd with their Skin Glow Trio for extra oomph. Say goodbye to dullness and replace it with a radiant glow that’s awards season ready!

skin glow trio

The ‘minimal makeup’ trend is a good way to start your skin confidence journey, by opting for hybrid products that benefit your skin whilst enhancing your natural features. Head over to my Insta account @officialmaryjanefrost to see how I work this trend. Lastly, always remember, skincare and makeup trends are fun to play around with but should always reflect what works best for you.

Embrace unique and find the best makeup base here.

Author - Mary Jane Frost

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