TikTok Skincare Trends - The Lowdown

As we go head first into a new year - Hello 2023 - we undoubtedly take time to look back on the successes and failures of the year passed by. 

We’re taking time out to review some of the viral Beauty trends that made their mark on the TikTok community in 2022 claiming to give users healthy skin. Across the app, the term Skincare has over 65 Billion views so from Slugging to Cycling and Taping to Pore Vacuums, let us break down what’s a keeper and what definitely should be kept in the 2022 archive to understand which TikTok beauty trends are actually good for your skin and also the environment.


Slugging, thought to have originated in South Korea, involves covering the entire face in a thick layer of petroleum jelly (like Vaseline) before bedtime after your usual moisturiser. 

Especially recommended during the winter months, when cold weather and central heating zap skin of moisture and plumpness. Although not recommended as part of your daily routine or for people with oily or blemish-prone skin that already feels greasy. 

If dry skin is a top concern then using up leftover Vaseline bottles instead of creating waste could help give skin an extra moisture boost outside of your daily moisturiser every once in a while.


Tiktok claims a whole host of varying skin benefits, from reduction of wrinkles to lymphatic drainage. But what do we think? 

Face taping, or applying tape to areas where wrinkles might form simply won't work and can actually cause irritation from the adhesive against the skin. Aside from being unrealistic to be able to use a piece of tape to keep your face in place throughout the night (think rolling around when restless or rubbing up against your pillow) it can really do more harm than good. Using tape, especially a type so strong that claims to hold your skin down for a whole night, can do serious damage to the skin barrier when you take it off causing redness, irritation and acne breakouts. 

If wrinkles are a skin concern then try a targeted product like our Power TonIQ™ Wrinkle Fighting Essence to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and prevent the formation of new. 

Pore vacuums 

In short = Bad for your skin, bad for the environment.

"Pore vacuums" are beauty devices that claim to suck oil and dirt out of the skin that some Tiktokers say help with "deep-cleaning" of the skin. 

Mic drop: pore vacuums won't prevent acne, and by their nature too much force will cause skin damage. Not only is it ineffective, pore vacuums also aren't environmentally friendly as the fad device encourages users to impulse buy a new product, creating e-waste in the environment. 

Skin cycling

Whitney Bowe went viral on social media for her four-night skincare she calls skin cycling. Bowe suggests using products for 2 nights followed by 2 nights of recovery before repeating. A spin off trend from skinminamilism, there is no harm in giving your skin time to rest by simplifying your routine. Skin cycling is a great eco-friendly concept because it encourages the use of existing products singularly rather than purchasing new ones for an overloading routine. 

The Wǒ skin cycling alternative would be to regularly take our FREE Skin Diagnostic and cycle your monodose products based on your skins needs. Want to know more? Visit our Diagnostic Tool here. 

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