The Skin Diagnostic: Our Tailored To You Skincare Is The Best

How Do We Get Your Tailored Skincare Right Every Time?

Our Skin Diagnostic is not just a product filtration tool, it is a smart algorithm developed by skin experts and is as accurate as a skin expert’s opinion*.

It takes just 5 minutes to complete our set of holistic questions about your ethnicity, environment, skin reactivity and lifestyle. Based on your answers and using the latest skin science research, it will then analyse, explain your skin health.

You will receive your unique skin scores, these will tell you the highs and lows of your skin, what’s going well and where you may need to take action. From there, we will recommend your tailored skincare solution of 1 to 3 products.

the wo skin diagnostic

Understanding Your Skin Scores

Our Skin Diagnostic will give your skin a 0-100 rating on the 8 skin concerns. We focus on the positive as well as what you may need to improve to inspire self-love as well as providing a solution.

0-50: ​​Your skin is looking good. Every positive score is one step closer to healthy looking skin.

50-70: Be mindful. This might not be a concern immediately but there are solutions / actions you may consider.

70-100: Time for action. Take back control of your skin. Using a holistic approach, be sure to use products that are best suited to your skin each day, as well as pay close attention to lifestyle, environment and diet.

wo skin diagnostic skin scores explained

Why We Chose A Numerical Scoring System

  • They are factual rather than opinion based - Our Skin Diagnostic is a smart algorithm that calculates the health of your skin
  • Numbers are easy to consume and understood by everyone, this reduces the issue of any language barriers!
  • Understanding your skin health using a number scale is a commonly used approach to rating (for example, it's used by doctors!)
  • Using the 0-100 scale gives a large range as there are so many combinations as your skin is so unique. Basically, using just 1-5 would be too limiting and would put your skin into restrictive categories, this may result in your skincare not being tailored to you

wo models with wo skincare

Our skincare evolves with you. Tailored skincare allows you to be flexible and switch up your routine when necessary, helping you to meet your skin goals more effectively. Our Skin Diagnostic is FREE to retake time and time again whenever, wherever. So when your lifestyle or environment changes, you can alter your skincare to be tailored to your new needs.

Like the sound of understanding the whole health of your skin? Tailored skincare is the future so now is the best time to care for yourself, head to our Skin Diagnostic here to get started.

*Study in collaboration with DHEZ, University of Bradford, UK

Author - Lily Scales

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