Celebrating Positivity - The Connection Between Our Skin and Emotions

We all have good and bad days, as often reflected in our appearance. From fluctuating hormones and diet to skincare products and stress; there’s a lot of reasons why our complexion is glowing one day and lacklustre the next.

This has its challenges when we live in a world flooded with people living their best lives - all the time. Or at least, social media tells us so. It’s no wonder that this can affect feelings of positivity and wellbeing.

However, the reality is that life isn’t always as rosy as it appears through Instagram-tinted lenses. Which is why it’s ever-important to look for the positives in life to celebrate, no matter what they might be.

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Embracing positivity

Much has been written about embracing the positives over the years. But what does it actually mean?

You might be surprised that it’s not about dismissing negative thoughts, or about smiling all the time. Instead, it’s about celebrating and being grateful for the small positives in life. Whichever source you turn to, it concludes that positivity and gratitude can help improve overall health, mental wellbeing, and management of stress. So important is positivity and gratitude, that it has become the basis of a recent trend to take the beauty world by storm. A trend which not only accepts a person’s imperfections but celebrates them.

There is a huge stigma surrounding skin issues, according to Dr Anjali Mahto, consultant dermatologist at 55 Harley Street. “Skin positivity is about confidence, self-love and reducing the stigma and shame that can be associated with visible skin conditions such as acne, scarring, or birthmarks to name a few,” she told The Independent.

Top tips

If you want to embrace positive thinking and make it part of your daily routine, here’s a few strategies that might help

  • Practice mindfulness. One study found that people who practice mindfulness daily were less likely to suffer from anxiety.
  • Keep a positivity journal. At the end of each day, list one of two things that happened to you that you’re grateful for. Use this to reflect back on.
  • Practice gratitude. Studies show that people that do tend to have fewer aches and pains, greater empathy and less aggression, amongst other benefits.
  • Be kind to yourself. Look after your mind, body and soul. Your skin is often a give-away when you’re run down.


Writing a Journal

Find your silver linings

So then, how can we better focus on the silver linings? We believe that there are lots of positives we can be grateful for, no matter how small.


None of us are perfect, but learning to embrace who we are and what we have is a positive first step.

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