Food Guilt? Striking A Balance For Healthy Skin And Hair

… Yes chocolate is allowed!

With summer comes nice weather, with nice weather comes the pressure to be body confident, pressure to diet and be in the best shape we have ever been. Shorts, skirts and bare, natural looking skin can feel freeing for some but for others it’s a step out of the comfort zone. We start to feel guilty about the extra chocolate we had and that breakout after eating a takeaway at the weekend.


The key to most things in life is striking a balance - and that balance is different for everyone. A  balanced diet and eating the right food for healthy skin and hair but also incorporating the foods you love and treats here and there is vital. Restriction of so-called  ‘bad’ foods (there is no such thing as a ‘bad’ food!) can often have the opposite effect. It is no secret that what we eat feeds directly to our skin and hair health. We are what we eat but that does not mean we should only be eating salads for the rest of our lives!

Our top tips for a healthy skin diet and healthy hair

A Variety 

  • Create a balance by changing it up and eating a wide range of food for healthy skin and hair, to make sure your body is getting all the different nutrients it needs. 

Fruits, vegetables and legumes

  • Essential food for healthy skin includes: Spinach, oranges, peppers, tomatoes for example, contain vitamins and antioxidants (including Vitamin C)  that boost radiance and health. Vitamin C brightens and evens your skin tone as well as protecting it from UV damage. Spinach is also a great source of Iron and Vitamin A which promotes hair growth.

Fatty fish 

  • An essential food for healthy skin and hair. Omega 3 provides your skin and hair with the moisture and protein it needs for supple skin and strong hair growth. 

Nuts and seeds

  • These are great because they are small but powerful, they are loaded with healthy skin and hair nutrients such as Vitamin E and B. Being deficient  in Vitamin E’s has been correlated with hair loss

And surprise...Chocolate!

  • Our healthy skin tips include the nation’s favourite treat - chocolate.  Dark chocolate with at least 70% cocoa content and minimal sugar is rich in antioxidants and research has found that those who consume it every day have more resilient and healthier skin. It’s not just a great food for healthy skin, it’s also great for hair health and growth. Packed with Iron and Zinc, these minerals promote cell growth and blood flow in the scalp, resulting in healthier locks.  

It’s National Chocolate Day today which means only one thing - treat yourself ! Like we said it is all about balance and learning how what we eat impacts us from the inside out. Take Our Skin Diagnostic for a deeper understanding of your skin and what is impacting for a tailored solution. 

Author - Sara Poidevin-Hill

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