Reinvent Your Routine This Autumn

The Impact Of Changing Environments 

New beginnings call for fresh starts. And we’re not just talking about the academic year or your fall wardrobe… look to reinvent your autumnal skincare routine, as when the seasons change so do your skin’s needs in response to this. 

In Summer…

As humidity levels are higher in the hotter months, the skin may appear more oily and shiny. We prefer a lighter routine because our skin has a natural healthy glow, which helps to keep it from feeling clogged and unable to breathe. 

UV exposure is also higher, making the skin appear more dull and dry. It can also cause the skin to lose suppleness, resulting in wrinkles. Repeated sun exposure may cause the skin to become permanently red and blotchy so remember your sun cream. However, opting for a high quality SPF isn’t exclusively for summer, our skin can become damaged by UV exposure all year round. Ensure to protect the skin 24/7 as prevention is the best remedy! Certainly remember that if you are heading somewhere warmer for holiday in the coming months. 

But As Things Cool Down…

Hydration is key. In the colder months, exposure to central heating, harsh winds and hotter showers can leave the skin feeling dry. 

A damaged skin barrier can result in the skin becoming more sensitive to environmental conditions such as pollution and other external irritators trying to fight their way deep into the skin. 

The Solution

Seek hydrating products that protect and help the skin retain moisture to manage these seasonal frustrations. 

Wǒ’s Power TonIQ Intense Hydrating Essence is perfect for targeted relief to dry, dehydrated skin. It contains a super moisturising and skin smoothing complex made from a natural blend of Watermelon, Apple and Lentil Fruit Extracts, it floods the skin with immediate moisture, while skin softening Argan, Jojoba and Olive Oils nourish and condition.

Discover this product along with our Power TonIQ Anti-Redness Essence to provide relief to sensitive skin in discomfort caused by environmental factors and our aptly named Daily BaseWonder Cream in our Autumn Essentials Kit.

When It Comes To Skincare, Simplicity Reigns Supreme Throughout The Year

Avoid overloading the skin and keep your routine light come autumn. Our two-step skincare routine not only prevents your shelf from getting overly complicated but it’s also optimal for your skin! Less is more and we don't want to risk clogging our pores. Use only what's right for you with our free Skin Diagnostic, providing you with a simple routine tailored to your needs. 

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch via Instagram DM @wearewo_uk, or email us or comment below! 


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