Quick-fire Questions With Anna-Marie Solowij

One of the country’s most respected beauty minds, Anna-Marie Solowij is well known for her editorial roles at various leading publications including British Vogue as well as co-founder of the renegade retailer BeautyMART. 

As big fans we were lucky enough to speak with Anna-Marie about her own skincare routine, from how the smell of a product is a deal breaker for her through to getting back around to travelling abroad. She talks us through her main skin concerns and how important minimalism and sustainability really is for a brand... 

Q: Anna, when you first came across Wǒ, how did it wow you and why?
AMS: I first saw the brand after Millie, my business partner, brought it into the office - I believe it was still in development then. I’m very much led by design and I liked the little colour-coded perforated sachets and blister packs that allow you to tear off as many as you need. I didn’t really understand the brand until it launched and then it was the diagnostic method and measured daily doses that really appealed. I have cupboards full of products and the idea of going bespoke and minimal really appeals.

Q: Your main skin concerns?
AMS: Dehydration and pigmentation. My skin craves moisture and as I get older, the freckles and age spots just keep coming.

Q:What are the key benefits to you after trying Wǒ?
AMS: Portability - I can’t wait to travel again and this time I’ll be travelling much lighter - just think how many Wo sachets you can fit into a 8x8in Ziploc!

Q: Your favourite products in the Wǒ range that address your skin concerns and why?
AMS: (Daily Base™) Revive Oil is great for cleansing, especially if you’ve been wearing makeup,but also doubles as a moisturiser to hold water in the skin. Eye Contour Perfecting Essence has turned out to be a favourite - I always have multiple eye creams on the go for different reasons - puffiness, shadows, wrinkles and crepiness - but this one deals with all those concerns.

Q: There are so many skin care choices out there, how do you choose yours normally?
AMS: This is probably all wrong and not based primarily on my skin’s needs but I go by smell first. I figure that if I love the smell of a product it will be a pleasure to use and will encourage loyalty. Likewise, if I don’t like the smell, we’re never going to get past that first date.

Q: Any pet hates we should avoid?
AMS: A personal pet hate is excess packaging - I don’t think that we need all these layers between the pack the product. The tradition of cellophane, box, corrugated liner, jar, shive, applicator, etc feels really out of date and irrelevant now.

Q: What do you see as the biggest future trends in the beauty industry?
AMS: Minimised packaging; greater focus on sustainable natural ingredients enhanced by science.

Q: Would you recommend Wǒ to your friends and family?
AMS: I think it’s the ideal brand for anyone with multiple skin concerns that aren’t necessarily addressed by one product as Wo allows you to pick and mix your products for a more bespoke approach plus you can change your choice as your skin’s needs change, without having invested in a long-term supply of one product.

Q: What would you like to see Wǒ keep doing?
AMS: Sunscreen and tinted products that combine skincare with protection and a hint of colour and cover.

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