Quick-fire Questions With... Sara (Part Of Team Wǒ)

A final year Fashion Marketing and Branding student at Nottingham Trent University,  Sara has been working with  for over a year now, starting as a placement with the team in March last year during the pandemic, she now works part-time alongside her Final Year studies.

Always bubbly with a great sense of humour, Sara loves everything Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle related and is looking forward to graduating to put everything into practice and see what the future holds.

Fun fact about Sara, she is half French!

Q: What is your normal skincare routine?
S: My normal skincare routine is super simple and I don’t like to overload my skin. I cleanse and moisturise my face every morning and evening without fail. If I am using , my recommended Daily Base is the Aqua Gel which leaves my skin cleansed and fresh but also super smooth and hydrated.

Q: How does your skincare routine change with the seasons?
S: During the winter both my lips and skin get really tight, most likely because my skin is sensitive and will react to any change in temperature. I change my moisturiser to something more nourishing and rich especially overnight as well as skin brightening products like Power TonIQ Instant Radiance Boosting Essence to keep the glow.

Q: What are your main skin concerns?
S: I used to be very self-conscious about my redness and dry skin on my cheeks, but now I try to embrace it and look for what I like about my skin. I have quite a few white heads and black heads (don’t we all) which is normal and I minimise these by sticking to my skincare routine and using products containing salicylic acid which helps to unblock pores.

Q: When you first came to Wǒ, how did it wow you and why?
S: I think the first thing for me was the whole concept of taking such an in-depth skin diagnostic, which takes ethnicity into account, as well as the mono dosage format- something I’d never seen before. It was clear from the first day for me that does things differently and wants to make a genuine positive impact on people’s skin and ultimately their lives. Once I understood that Wǒ is not just a skincare brand and instead takes a holistic approach I started to look at skincare differently.

Q: What are you most excited for the future of Wǒ?
S: I’m excited to see the community grow and for more and more people to get to know us and what we’re about. We’re disrupting skincare for the better so it’s so great to see people coming on that journey with us.

Q: What are the key benefits to you after trying Wǒ?
S: For me it was how refreshed yet conditioned my skin felt after using the Daily Base Aqua Gel for the first time, my skin feels purified and smoother. I am also someone who packs for 6 weeks when I’m only going away for a weekend. The fact that I can just bring a cleanser, moisturiser and make-up remover with me all in one format makes life so much easier, it takes up little to no space and I can share it easily with my mum or my friends.

Q: Your favourite products in the range that address your skin concerns and why?
S: Occasionally I get the odd spot, I use the Power TonIQ Anti- Blemish Essence  as soon as I notice a breakout peeping through. The best thing about it is that it reduces any inflammation instantly and improves the appearance of even the angriest of spots. It’s incredible!

Q: Would you recommend Wǒ to your friends and family?
S: Of course, Wǒ has something for everyone. For so many people I know, they feel that their skincare has always been a bit of a guessing game where as Wǒ makes it so simple. It takes away the unknown when purchasing new skincare for the first time because you know that it will work for you and your skin.

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