Quick-fire Questions With... Ruth Welton

This week we were delighted to chat with Ruth from Soak&Sleep, a brand we love for it's ethos and of course it's amazing product range (their silk pillowcases are a must!). Ruth is the head of Soak&Sleep's brand identity, leading on the development of content strategies for new products and brand campaigns. 

Originally from Guildford, Ruth loves spending time with family and friends (ideally with good food and drink!) and taking trips away.

Q: What is your normal skincare routine?
It depends on how my skin is, as it can be quite temperamental and unpredictable at times. During lock down, I struggled with breakouts which I think were due to stress and also wearing a mask, so I was really excited to discover  and try something new! On a normal (good skin) day, I would cleanse, tone and moisturise, plus apply a nice eye cream.

Q: How does your routine change with the seasons?
I definitely change my routine; during winter my skin dries out and I suffer with psoriasis which tends to flare up in colder weather. During the summer, I will always up my daily SPF as well.

Q: What are your main skin concerns? 
When I’m stressed it tends to show, with breakouts and my psoriasis flaring, so anything to help my skin feel soothed and calm is a huge plus.

Q: How does sleep affect your skin’s behaviour?
A poor night's sleep results in my skin feeling quite lacklustre, dry, pale and dull!

Q: Any tips for getting a good night's rest? 
No matter how tired you may feel, always make sure you wash your face, complete your skincare routine and moisturise. Having this same routine every evening helps you mentally prepare for bed and start to unwind. I don’t go anywhere without an eye mask, it’s not only a great way to block out the light, but it’s a way to switch off and now part of my wind-down routine which signifies ‘it’s time to sleep!’. Make sure you have the right pillow for the way you sleep - side sleepers need more supportive pillows than people that sleep on their front or backs. Having the right pillow will keep your whole body aligned so you will toss and turn less and won’t wake up feeling stiff or uncomfortable...And silk pillow cases are great for your skin and hair so think about using one of those if you are hoping for some beauty sleep!

Q: When you first tried Wǒ, how did it wow you and why? 
I loved the simplicity of the diagnostic tool, and the content on the site was really informative but also simple and relatable. The packaging and measured amounts are super easy to use, environmentally friendly and also a great storage saver to pack overnight!

Q: Your favourite products in the range that address your skin concerns and why? 
I love the (Daily Base™) Aqua Gel (can’t get enough!), and have found the (Power TonIQ™) Anti-Blemish Essence a great option when I have a flare up!

Q: Would you recommend Wǒ to your friends and family? 
I already have!

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