Quick-fire Questions With... Lily (Part Of Team Wǒ)

Lily has been a key part of our small  team for almost a year now, time flies when you're having fun! As a student at Nottingham Trent University, local to where our brand was founded, Lily is studying Fashion Marketing and Branding and would describe herself as girly and creative whether its fashion, beauty or lifestyle related.

As lockdown life lifts and we can begin to travel again she hopes to travel through Asia and well Lily... we just so happen to know the perfect skincare for your trip!

Q: What is your normal skincare routine?
L: I'm always up for trying new things, chopping and changing my skincare routine depending on what sounds exciting (thanks to TikTok!). Currently, I am using the Daily Base Aqua Gel to cleanse and moisturise and then sometimes if my skin is feeling extra tight I'll use rosehip oil. I sometimes get a few spots around my lips so I’ve been using the Power TonIQ Anti-Blemish Essence to target these specifically. I also religiously moisturise my whole body every night, this was the no.1 tip drilled into me by my mum alongside drinking lots and lots of water. 

Q: How does your routine change with the seasons?
L: During winter, my skin gets very flaky from the heating and the cold weather, this is when I tend to use an oil which I find really helps. During summer, after a day in the sun with SPF I'll put more effort into cleansing and always make sure to use a rich moisturiser.

Q: What are your main skin concerns?
L: My skin can get quite dry so I'd say this is my main concern. Recently I seem to be getting darker under eyes, probably the effects of being a third year student! And I sometimes get a few spots but these have mostly cleared up now. 

Q: When you first came to work with Wǒ, how did it wow you and why?
L: When I first got the job I honestly had no idea what to expect, all I knew was that it was a beauty brand. After the first day I was just amazed at how innovative the brand was and couldn’t wait to get stuck in. Ever since then I've loved every second!

Q: What are you most excited about for the future of Wǒ?
L: The future's looking bright, I can see Wǒ only getting stronger and stronger as more people hear about us. Both the brand and I have grown simultaneously and so after Uni I'm hoping to stay and carry on this exciting journey.

Q: What are the key benefits to you after trying Wǒ?
L: For starters, healthier skin of course. I feel more confident in my skin as well as I can feel more proud knowing I don't have those annoying dry patches! I’ve learnt a lot about my lifestyle too and so I’ve made some good changes and picked up more healthy habits which benefit me from the inside out. 

Q: Your favourite products in the range that address your skin concerns and why?  
L: The Daily Base Aqua Gel has hydrated my skin and I can always rely on that product to use daily to maintain healthy skin. The Power TonIQ Anti-Blemish Essence and Oil Control Essence are staples for me too... Oh and the Skin Tone Brightening Essence is lovely, it gives such a nice glow which works perfectly under makeup too.

Q: Would you recommend Wǒ to your friends and family?
L: Of course! Who wouldn't? Many of my friends and family have tried the products and I've always had such positive feedback. I can’t fault the brand and from working here for a year, I can assure you it's just as amazing behind the scenes as it is on the surface. 


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