Quick-fire Questions With Kuo-Fang Yang-O’Connor

With two decades experience in luxury fashion, lifestyle and wellness, Kuo-Fang has an eye for fine design and is the founder of Y + O, a London based consulting agency. She offers advice on business strategy where coaching teams to maximise talent is at the core. 

Also a mentor, Kuo-Fang has been proudly working with The Prince’s Trust since 2018 helping young entrepreneurs in launching their fashion businesses. 

Often described as an entrepreneur, advisor and mentor, Kuo-Fang believes sustainability is critical for us all and not limited to any industry. In fact it, should be an everyday practice. With her "Business Sustainability Management" qualification from University of Cambridge, Kuo-Fang helps her clients and colleagues in the fashion and lifestyle industry creating future opportunities that are sustainable and better for the world. 

We were delighted to catch up with her this week on all things Skincare...

Q: When you first came across Wǒ, how did it wow you and why?

KF: I had pleasure meeting your founder Karen on Clubhouse, a new social media platform, after listening to her journey of this start-up, I was drawn into her vision of how she wants to bring a better skincare for everyone with special formula to make everything easy from cleanse to hydrate. I then ordered some products and was pleasantly surprised to learn how amazing the quality is. I loved the fact it is designed for busy professionals and Wǒ makes everything easy, compact and using sustainable materials for packaging.

Q: Your main skin concerns?

KF: I have dry and combination skin, often I get redness when weather changes, also I get itchy skins due to hay fever, therefore the products I use for my skin care is vital. It has to be as natural as possible with minimum fragrance or only natural scent from floral instead of heavy chemically mixed smell.

Q: What are the key benefits to you after trying Wǒ?

KF: There are so many I guess, but for me, I can feel my skin was radiant and smooth, just feel great because the ingredients from was natural, it combined with a lot of powerful ingredients including seaweed extract, camellia oil and more all to make our skin soft and hydrate, after trying for a week I feel my skin is more awake and feeling good each day with no redness or itchiness.

Q: Your favourite products in the range and why? 

KF: I love (Daily Base™) Revive Oil! Amazing texture, not sticky and absorb well. The lavender scent is just so heavenly and after reading all the benefits of these natural ingratiates combined, including raspberry plant stem cell, Kelpereine, gold of pleasure oil and more. I was so impressed with the ingredients combination and the benefits for our skin. This is absolutely my favourite skin oil by far!

Q: Do you think that fast fashion and fast beauty should be a thing of the past? 

KF: I’ve had two decades of fashion career and believe in innovation and creativities, however fast fashion and fast beauty cannot be sustained in long run, it won’t be beneficial for our planet and certainly not our skin if we chose something just for the sake of trend. There are many ways to tackle fashion, and reinventing your wardrobe and restyle is one of the best and most economical, otherwise shop consciously. #BuyLessBuyWell is something I have been promoting for quite a few years, choose something last lifestyle or can be family heirlooms.

Q: Would you recommend Wǒ to your friends and family?

KF: Of course! I have been talking to brands about it and posted on my social media, I really believe in this brand.

Q: What would you like to see us keep doing?

KF: Wow so many, but I would love to have another facial oil range from and I hope they will have body oil, hair care so we can have a full range!

Connect with Kuo-Fang on Instagram @kfyangoconnor, clubhouse @kuofioconnor and on her blog www.kuofioconnor.com

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