Quick-fire Questions With Keri-anne Payne

For the second in our new series “Quick-fire Questions With…” we had the privilege of interviewing former British Olympian Swimmer, Keri-anne Payne. For those of you who don’t know Keri-anne, here’s a short bio explaining why we’re super happy to have her join us on the Journal today. 

Keri-anne is one of the UK’s best-known open water swimmers. She is an Olympic silver medalist  and double world champion for the 10km marathon open water event.

Keri-anne retired from competitive swimming in 2017, after competing at her 3rd Olympic Games in Rio. Since then she has continued her career in open water swimming in a different way and founded Straight-Line Swimming, sharing her enthusiasm for coaching the sport through all its many capacities. Be that competitive, recreational use, relaxation, or for charity events and races. 

Keri-anne has an amazing open and positive attitude to inspiring others into the world of open water swimming and is a great ambassador for those pursuing a healthier lifestyle.

keri anne payne
Q: What is your normal skincare routine?
K: I’ve recently switched up my routine a bit as I needed a change during lockdown. I am a bit lazy and don't cleanse nearly as much as I should but I religiously use some cold pressed organic rosehip oil with a drop of hyaluronic acid a few days of the week. I have just listened to a great podcast talking about vitamin C so will try that at some point too. Since having some amazing products from  I've been so much better with cleansing and loved using the Aqua Gel. I also really love the Eye Contour Perfecting Essence, I found that really makes a difference for me.

Q: How does your routine change with the seasons?
K: The only other thing I usually add in the summer is higher factor SPF 50 to my face before I go out and I always try to reapply at least one other time after lunch to protect my face from the sun when I'm outdoors. 

Q: What are your main skin concerns?
K: Under eye bags for sure with a toddler that refuses to sleep past 5.30am! I’ve also traveled the world swimming and spent a lot of time in the sun so I want to be a bit more proactive with my face protection. 

Q: When you first came across Wǒ, how did it wow you and why?
K: I love that it is sustainable and comes in small single dose packaging so its super easy to travel with. I really like how the products feel on my skin too.  

Q: How does your lifestyle affect your skin?
K: I am in the sun a lot and do a lot of traveling so big heavy tubes are a nightmare for traveling and I feel terrible using so much plastic so I feel much better that I can be a bit more environmentally friendly with my Wǒ skincare.

Q: Has your skin changed since becoming a mother?
K: Yes I have a couple of melasma spots on my face from having Josephine and the obvious dark circles.

Q: What are the key benefits to you after trying Wǒ?
K: Sustainability and I like a brand that has really thought about the end user. 

Q: Your favourite products in the range that address your skin concerns and why?  
K: The Eye Contour Perfecting Essence is amazing - I do really notice a difference in the colour after using it in the morning. Easy to use and doesn't feel sticky.

Q: Would you recommend Wǒ to your friends and family?
K: Yes absolutely, again from a sustainability and of course a quality point of view. Keep on being you!


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