Quick-fire Questions With... Erica Wu

After many years of a successful career with Cathay Pacific, a Hong Kong based airline, Erica relocated to London seven years ago and re-trained as a fully qualified STOTT Pilates instructor for both Mat and Reformer. Her journey of transforming to this amazing new career started with her own experience of using Pilates to improve her physical strength, and believes that the focus on health and wellness will continue to be an important part of her life. Since then, Erica has helped many of her clients to find the best exercise regime and to achieve a balanced lifestyle. She works across diverse cultural backgrounds with entrepreneurs and start-ups to promote healthy living and overall wellbeing.

We are so pleased to speak to Erica about how we can all benefit from her expert advice and her idea of a positive relationship between regular exercise and skin health! 

Q: When you first came across Wǒ, how did it wow you and why?
E: During lockdown, I don’t put on makeup and my skin felt drier than before. When I started to use Wǒ I noticed an immediate positive result, even from the first day. No more feelings of tightness or dryness of skin, leaving my skin looking radiant and hydrated.

Q: What are your main skin concerns?
E: I have mixed sensitive skin, and therefore hydration, as well as skin brilliance are a priority for me.

Q: Can you tell us what are the key benefits to you after trying Wǒ?
E: Utterly brilliant! As I have sensitive skin, I am always looking for good quality skincare products that do not irritate my skin. I previously used Le Mer and La Prairie, which I found quite rich and heavy, whereas Wǒ has a lighter texture, but delivers great results.  Particularly as part of my daily skincare routine and with make up, delivering a plump and radiant result. It has also delivered great results in reducing lines around my neck.

Q: Your favourite products in the Wǒ range that address your skin concerns and why? 
E: (Daily Base) Comfort Balm, deeply moisturising. It has a pleasant, light fragrance with a lovely texture and my skin just drank it up. Most importantly keeping my skin hydrated and more radiant.

Q: We believe a good lifestyle with right level of exercise really helps to achieve healthy skin. What’s your advice for people who want to take up Pilates as part of daily fitness routine?
E: Pilates focuses on core strength, spinal articulation and breath and can be modified to provide either a gentle strength training program or a challenging workout. Pilates is therefore suitable for all levels of fitness and can be incorporated two to three times a week as part of your fitness program. Start by finding a qualified instructor with whom you have a good rapport and remember to hydrate. Combined with the right skin care program, Pilates can help you look and feel younger.

Q: As we are all getting ready for travelling again (fingers crossed!), do you have any top tips to share with us for air travel post pandemic?
E: Whilst traveling will be very different to what we have known, the principals for healthy travel still apply.  Reset your posture from time to time - walk around the cabin, simple stretching like rotating your ankles and feet or a simple spine stretch to open your chest. Hydrate and moisturise - choose the aisle seat if you can, so you can walk freely - consume water to avoid dehydration. Also I bring a light travel airplane kit, apart from a good moisturiser for my face, I also find lips balm and hand cream are my life savers on the plane. Try to keep your skincare routine as similar as possible to what you do at home - if you can only bring a few things, focus on the true essentials.

Q: Would you recommend Wǒ to your friends and family?
E: Absolutely! I would highly recommend Wǒ and believe it to be revolutionary. 

Q: What would you like to see Wǒ keep doing?
E: Really looking forward to seeing different product ranges - lip balm and hand cream as a travel kit would be a great addition. 

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