Postpartum Skin And Wellbeing Q&A with Holly

Pregnancy can bring changes in all shapes and sizes, in ways you didn’t even know existed! But that’s what makes it so magical, such an unique experience but one that is shared by so many amazing women. “I never knew this happened” is probably a common phrase to new mums! Wrapped up in endless preparations to make sure your baby is delivered safely but it is often forgotten to think about what comes next, what you may experience, as a mother, and how you may (or may not!) feel.

We have had the chance to chat to our very own Holly Cuthbert, a brand new mummy (Congrats!!), talking all things postpartum skin and wellbeing…

Q. What was your skin/skincare like during pregnancy?

During pregnancy my skin felt great, I noticed a plumper feeling and generally as I was consciously taking good care of myself and practising healthy habits such as eating well, getting plenty of sleep and trying to keep super hydrated my skin really benefited. I was using minimal products but really happy with my skin feeling (Comfort Balm). A lot of friends have reported their skin feeling more sensitive in pregnancy but I never felt this. I also used a Weleda maternity oil all over my body from the second I found out I was pregnant right up until I gave birth and I would recommend it to anyone!

Postpartum skin wellbeing

Q. What has your skin been like since giving birth?

Since giving birth my skin has changed dramatically, I am tired due to multiple night wake ups and I’m also breastfeeding so I feel like a lot of the goodness I’m putting into my body is being used up here!! I’ve noticed my skin feeling dehydrated and I can certainly see my fine lines more clearly as a result. I’m trying to find the time to take care of myself but it’s a challenge with a 12 week old so things that are quick to do/use take priority. I’m just about managing a 2 step routine so can’t imagine trying to incorporate anything more than that.

Q. How has your mental wellbeing been affected since giving birth?

A postpartum body can be tough on your mental wellbeing - my body is so different to how it was pre pregnancy, I don’t recognise myself when I step out of the shower! I am so proud of what my body has created, it really is a miracle but the adjustment can be difficult some days.

Q. Have you had any challenges since giving birth?

For me, eating healthy has been a challenge as I’m breastfeeding. I just want to comfort eat which is not good for my waistline. I never realised feeding would make me so hungry and thirsty, I’ve found myself stocking up my bedside table with treats for my night-time feeds. I would certainly welcome any tips on how to stay healthy on the go with a baby, I for one haven’t got that mastered quite yet!

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