Personalised, Thoughtful Skin Care Gifts For Every Skin Type

Are you a last minute, panic buyer or are you the prepared, level headed gifter at Christmas? Whichever you are, we can help you out with the perfect Christmas gift for every skincare lover, and even for all types of skin! Skin care gifts are the most thoughtful, as they inspire self-love and confidence. What looks better than wearing a smile of confidence throughout the day? Skincare is also something that everyone needs, no matter who you are, it is a must in your daily routine. Just know that gifting skincare will never be the gift that goes to waste with Wǒ!

What Sets Our Skincare Apart From The Rest?

Our skincare is tailored to your needs, simply take our Skin Diagnostic to find out which products will suit best. Our free tool is a quick set of questions based on your skin concerns, heritage, skin reactivity, lifestyle and environment. Once you’ve completed these, it will then analyse your answers to recommend you your 2 step tailored skincare routine. 

How Does This Work With Gifting?

Simply ask whoever you’re buying for to complete our Skin Diagnostic so you can be sure that what you buy them will be exactly what they need. The benefit? Gifting a product they will actually use and one that won’t be left at the back of their wardrobe waiting for regifting! Bonus - you’ll be known as the one who’s great at buying Christmas presents. By giving skin care gifts that are tailored to their needs, this also reduces waste as nothing gets thrown away. The lucky person who receives your gift will be over the moon to hear their skincare will work for them, as this means they will see results much faster and more effectively. It’s a win, win situation for you both! 


Want Something More Simple?

We all chat about our skin concerns with our besties, so it's likely you know what they may need! Or if you know the answers, you can fill out the Skin Diagnostic as if you were them. This is where our nifty Skin Sets come into play for a stress free Christmas. We have 5 sets equipped to solve the biggest skin concerns…

The Skin SOS Trio - Includes our Daily Base™ Aqua Gel, Power TonIQ™ Anti-Blemish Essence and Power TonIQ™ Oil Control Essence. Best for blemish and breakout prone skin.

The Skin Hero Set - Includes our Daily Base™ Comfort Balm, Power TonIQ™ Intense Hydrating Essence and Power TonIQ™ Eye Contour Perfecting Essence. Looking to try all our best sellers, this trio is voted as most-loved by you!  


The Skin Restore Trio - Includes Daily Base™ Wonder Cream, Power TonIQ™ Intense Hydrating Essence and Power TonIQ™ Anti-Redness Essence. Best for hydrating and protecting the skin.

The Skin Nourish Trio - Includes Daily Base™ Revive Oil, Power TonIQ™ Intense Hydrating Essence and Power TonIQ™ Skin Tone Brightening Essence. Best for achieving bright and hydrated skin. 

The Skin Glow Trio - Includes Power TonIQ™ Skin Tone Brightening Essence, Power TonIQ™ Intense Hydrating Essence and Power TonIQ™ Instant Radiance Essence. Best for the ultimate bright and glowy complexion.

Our whole product range has been formulated to work together in synergy. This means they complement one another in terms of ingredient compatibility and texture. They each bring out the best in each other, making our whole routine optimal for your skin no matter what product combination you go for, making our sets the perfect gift this year. 

What Set Is Best For This Time Of Year?

Still not sure what set is best? It is practically guaranteed that December in the UK means freezing cold weather but this can impact the skin. Dry and cold environments draw moisture away from the skin and harsh winds can leave your skin struggling to retain hydration. Also, with the increased use of central heating which dries up the air, this can cause the skin to lose even more moisture. Because of this, we recommend our Skin Nourish Trio as the perfect skin saviour this winter, relieving dry, parched skin and revealing a brighter, more radiant glow. 

Still Not Simple Enough?

Our E-Gift Card really is as simple as it can possibly get. Choose either £20, £30 or £50 and we’ll send it straight to your email that can then be shared with your recipient. That way, you can keep things a surprise, they can fill out the Skin Diagnostic themselves and leave them in control of their skin. 

Save The Stress!

We understand the frustrations around Christmas shopping, sometimes it can be more stressful than fun! If you’re not a big fan of the chaos that comes with shopping during the Christmas period, keep things easy and shop our online store now.

Author - Lily Scales

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