Our Team: The Best Life Advice From Our Mothers

In honour of Mother’s Day, we wanted to collect our team’s best advice they received from their mums when growing up. Both skincare focused advice and more personal, we thought it would be both important and also helpful to others to reflect on the strong women who have influenced our lives and set up our paths to success.

Lily’s Mum’s Advice

Drink Lots Of Water

  • I used to hate water as a child, but when I was about 13 I realised the importance and forced myself to start drinking lots everyday and now I weirdly love it! I can 100% see the benefits in my skin and overall health; I get quite dry skin so it definitely helped with this and also just in terms of keeping me awake throughout the day when I'm working. I can't do anything without my water bottle by my side anymore!

Always Moisturise Face And Body

  • As soon as it was appropriate, my mum has always been very big on moisturising your skin, she would tell me my skin won't stay plumb and youthful if I didn’t start religiously moisturising. I think I actually started to take her advice when I was about 13 and now I'll feel like an elephant if I forget one day!

Put Yourself In Other People's Shoes

  • It's so easy to get carried away in your own mind, my mum would always tell me to see things from other people's perspective. We often worry about the small things that wouldn’t even cross someone else’s mind, it's probably so minor it doesn’t even matter! Putting yourself into other people's shoes to understand their emotions, I believe is one of the best ways to maintain healthy relationships, try to understand where people are coming from and you might find yourself sorting a lot more than you think.

Get Things Done

  • We’re the same in this sense, it's better just to do a task you’re not looking forward to than procrastinating it (I would end up worrying about it until I actually got it done!). Afterwards, I’d usually find that the task wasn’t even that bad and the rewarding feeling makes it worth it. I’d say this advice came in handy during my GCSE’s when I knew I had to put the work in to see the result and it did in fact pay off! I now apply this to everyday life; if I have a few errands, I'll get up and tick them off one after the other so I can have a relaxing afternoon.

Mother's Day

Grace’s Mum’s Advice

Don’t Forget SPF

  • This advice was actually given because my mum never used SPF growing up and now wishes she had! Ever since I was a teenager my mum kept reminding me of the importance of SPF to protect our skin from the harsh UV rays and for anti-aging later in life.

Get Enough Sleep

  • My mum always used to say ‘time is precious, but sleep is wonderful’ she would always encourage me to get a decent amount of sleep no matter how busy and hectic life was looking like at the moment.

Karen’s Mum’s Advice

Eat Well

  • The old saying of "you are what you eat" is always true. Especially in my culture, the foods we consume are closely associated with our general health and well-being. My mum always encourages me to eat seasonal produce (lots of fruits and veg), which tastes better and is hugely beneficial to my body. Eating good natural ingredients helps to manage your health effectively and prevent loads of issues further down the line, and in turn, my skin can benefit too!

Cleanse Your Skin Well

  • I started using beauty products in my teenage years because my mum and grandma were very much into beauty regimes - influenced by J beauty! They repeatedly reminded me to cleanse my face correctly each day because if we didn't have clean skin to start with, any product we put on top would not be effective.

Be Kind

  • My mum has always taught me to be kind and not take others' goodwill for granted. Life can be challenging for many people; we never know what others are going through behind the closed door. If we all start with ourselves to be kind, the positive impacts/cycle will continue to the people we encounter, which will create harmony in the world we live in!

Believe In Yourself

  • The most important advice that I give to my daughters! In today's world, there is endless competition, and society tells us to believe that we have to meet lots of unrealistic expectations. The standards of beauty, success, career, relationships, and more often make us feel that we are not enough. But the opposite is true! We can be and do whatever we want in life and set our own goals and standards if we believe in ourselves!

Wo lifestyle

Love is priceless but a Mother’s love is unconditional and has guided us through life, this means finding the perfect Mother’s Day present gets harder and harder every year. Our skincare inspires self-love, which is interconnected with happiness. When you gain greater satisfaction in life, you adopt a more positive outlook for a happier, healthier lifestyle.

So why not give the ultimate gift this year, caring for your skin is caring for your health. The skin is one of the biggest organs and so looking after it should be a priority to optimise the skin's condition. It works hard to protect our bodies and so we owe it to ourselves to keep it well nourished. Head over to our skincare to browse our whole skincare range, sets and samples.

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