Micro Gardening: Gardening Tips For Tiny Outdoor and Indoor Spaces

April showers bring May flowers so why not adopt a new hobby this season? Gardening and looking after plants is one of the healthiest hobbies you can have:

  • Gardening keeps you active, it works different muscles in the body and is classed as exercise.
  • It can help improve your mood and self-esteem through decreasing anxiety levels by creating a calm atmosphere.
  • It creates a sense of empowerment and purpose. You have to look after plants to keep them alive, gaining this personal responsibility is an easy way to feel important and needed.

Let’s dig a little deeper…

What Is Micro Gardening?

1 in 8 British households have no garden, micro gardening makes gardening more inclusive and accessible to all people no matter what type and size of space you own. It is the practice of growing vegetables, herbs and roots in small spaces such as balconies, small patios/gardens, rooftops or indoor spaces. You can really make micro gardening your own, go as big and complex or as small and inexpensive as you like.

Micro gardening

Our Top Tips

Vertical Gardening :

Make your little plot an illusion. Make the most of the space you have and plant upwards as well as sideways! Use hanging baskets or wall pockets which can be moved whenever you change your mind. This draws the eye up for the illusion of a bigger space.

Multi-Purpose :

Our favourite tip is to make your garden multi-purpose. Not only will spending time with nature bring you joy and make you feel zen, you can spare your purse the stress. Growing herbs and veggies doubles as a source of food the budget friendly way, not to mention the natural aromas that will disperse into your space. Taking this approach to gardening is a more sustainable way of living, big thumbs up from us at Wǒ!

Aesthetically Pleasing Privacy :

The lack of privacy that comes with a lot of balconies can be solved by micro gardening, who wants to feel constantly looked over in their personal space? Planting along your wall will not only bring a more green feel to your space but will also help prevent passers by being able to get a look in.

Drainage Solutions : 

It doesn’t come as a surprise that lots of balcony and indoor plant owners worry about watering their plants and the mess it could cause. Avoid drainage problems using a tray filled with pebbles under the plants, make sure your pots have holes in the bottom. Alternatively, (if you don't have too many!) bring your plants inside and water them in your sink to prevent any water messes.

Micro gardening

Looking to get your hands dirty? Head to our Nurturing Plants Cultivates Therapeutic Benefits blog which takes a deep dive into the benefits of being with nature. You can also check out Annie Gibson, The Micro Gardener and the lady who started it all, for more handy tips on transforming your small space into something extraordinary.

Author - Lily Scales

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