Micro-dosing: The End Of ‘Everything But The Kitchen Sink’ Skincare

Cleanse twice, exfoliate, tone, apply an essence, serum, eye cream, then moisturise and maybe even a sheet mask and an SPF too? Overloading your skin with endless products can sometimes cause more harm than good.

Have you ever heard that less is more?

Streamlining your skincare routine is now the way forward. The latest ‘skip-care’ trend involves cutting out unnecessary products and only using exactly what your skin needs. This simplified lifestyle is ideal for those with no time to waste but it also reaps many benefits.

Wo skincare

Buy less, buy better

  • Seeking multi-functional products that do two jobs in one help simplify your routine, without missing out on any of the benefits. Use our 3-in-1 Daily Base to cleanse, hydrate and condition all in one.
  •  Searching for more result driven products instead of overloading the skin with excessive products can lead to better results, target your specific concerns with treatments that work. Use our easily absorbed Power TonIQ essences for a concentrated boost.
  • You should adapt your skincare routine to be suited to your needs, don’t pile your skin with ingredients that don’t agree. Be alert and aware as your skin changes over time, listen to what it is asking for.

Wo Skincare Daily Base

But why is overloading the skin bad?

  • Our skin is always changing, we all have our own different needs; your skin is unique to you. This means what works for your friend, might not be best for you, ensure you adapt your routine to what your skin needs e.g. If your skin is dry and sensitive, you may not need to double cleanse or exfoliate every day despite what others are saying works 'best'.
  • Your skin can’t always absorb everything you put on it, overloading can contribute to clogged pores and prone to sensitivity as the combination of ingredients for many different products accumulates. This leads to common skin concerns including spots, blemishes or redness. 

Not only will your skin thank you…

This skincare approach prevents waste and over-consumption. Our products come in a mono dose format, this means you only use exactly what you need and when your needs change you can switch up your products with no waste. Read our 5 Reasons Why We Choose Mono-dose Packaging to learn more about our approach to packaging.
Additionally, your pocket will be a little happier. Multi-functional products and using those that work for you will reduce cost as you buy less.
Lastly, discovering what works for you saves time and confusion over what’s good or not and what you need or don’t.

When less is definitely more..

Interested in how you can start your minimal skincare routine? Take our skin diagnostic when you feel you need to change you skincare solution. We understand your needs are always changing; help reduce your waste by only using what you need, starting today.

Author – Lily Scales

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