Men’s Mental Health Month... Let’s Talk All Things Men’s Skincare

It’s men’s mental health awareness month (also known as Movember), just like mental health concerns amongst men, men’s skincare isn’t talked about enough. When it comes to looking after your skin and being empowered despite your skin imperfections, the conversation usually revolves around women. 

Skincare is for everyone, looking after your skin excludes no one. So why is it almost taboo when men take care of their skin and get passionate about the products they use? Why is it not as socially acceptable for men to wear makeup to cover up blemishes? The lack of awareness surrounding men's skincare creates a lack of education and understanding. Men have imperfections, insecurities and want good looking skin too. Razor bumps, irritation, acne larger pores - the frustration is real!

Feeling good in yourself starts from within. Taking care of your skin is a good place to start and has a massive impact on your overall mental health. Which is why we want to talk about the best skincare for men whilst we’re on the topic of men’s mental health month. 

The best skincare for men isn’t that much different from women’s except that men’s skin needs tend to differ. Usually the main difference is the fragrance, packaging and aim of the product. For example, men’s skin tends to produce more sebum, have larger pores and age quicker due to reduced collagen production. As a result of shaving, their skin can be more prone to sensitivity and irritation and razor bumps. Therefore you may see stronger oil prevention formulas or anti-redness post shave balms. 

Skincare is specific to your skin needs, not your gender. This is why we developed our Skin Diagnostic, alongside skin scientists which analyses your unique characteristics and needs in depth. Our products are suitable for all skin and form part of a tailored-to-you solution which is guaranteed to make you feel good and glowing!

Author: Sara Poidevin-Hill

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