Let’s Talk: Aqua Gel

Our Daily Base™ Aqua Gel replaces your makeup-remover, cleanser and moisturiser for a simple and easy 3 in 1 application.

Like a burst of hydration, it glides on the skin like water creating a refreshing and cooling effect thanks to its lightweight texture. You can count on the Aqua Gel for optimal cleansing, rejuvenation and moisturisation, leaving the skin supple and plump.

How To Use In Just 4 Simple Steps… 

    1. Peel back one blister and scoop half of the product into your palm
    2. Next step, cleanse: apply onto the skin and massage in circular motions for a minute and then wipe off with a cotton pad
    3. Repeat step 2 and then rinse lightly with water
    4. To hydrate, massage the remaining product onto a dry face to allow the actives to work into the skin 

Lastly, follow with our Power TonIQs to target and treat your specific skin concerns. 

Ingredients You Can Trust…

H20 Complex enhances the skins ability to retain moisture which includes the following 3 combined actives:

Marine Seaweed contains fermented laminaria algae. Reap the benefits of fermented skincare through increased penetration, potency and product preservation 

Salicornia Grass Extract is a genius succulent proven to boost moisture levels, providing skin barrier protection

And finally, Prickly Pear Stem Cell Culture which is scientifically tested to boot skin firmness and elasticity 

Shop our Aqua Gel for full list of ingredients!

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It!

Amelia 5 stars

“After using this product my skin has had a huge difference. My skin feels lighter and I can also tell my skin is overall more clean. The results from this product is amazing! I would definitely recommend using this!”

Lily 5 stars

“So lightweight and extremely moisturising. This has changed my skin completely!! It has kept my skin feeling very hydrated which is something i always struggle with. Will definitely be buying again.”

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