Keeping Skincare Human - Part 4/4 - How Can I Better Understand My Skin’s Needs?

Your skin is made up of dozens of unique skin characteristics. Your DNA, your environment, your diet and even your quirky lifestyle – they all impact the specific needs of your skin.  In this 3 part blog, to set the scene, we began in part 1 by explaining the 8 main skin concerns. In part 2 we explained how ethnicity could impact your needs and in part 3  we discovered how your environment & lifestyle can impact the skin. In this final part, we will explain how you can better understand your skin, now and in the future.

Uniqueness is what we all have in common

In recent years, as climates have dramatically changed and our lifestyles have globally diversified, there has been an increasing need to personalise or customise products to individual consumers, including a demand for customised cosmetics.

Like many of us out there, we now live in a versatile, instant manner and our skin concerns change dynamically, meaning the demands on our skincare products to meet additional needs are even more widespread.  Any one of us can have our own unique skin characteristics and behaviours, influenced by our heritage and expressed differently depending on the environment.

Consider if you are a multi-racial person of African and Caucasian ethnicity. You will have a mix of possible skin characteristics, and depending on your environment, your skin may be well prepared to cope with this, or could suffer, if not cared for correctly. The effects of pollution or poor lifestyle will affect the skin in different ways. If you had inherited more of the Caucasian character (with a thinner stratum corneum and less melanin) and you live in a hotter climate, your skin will be more prone to photodamage and wrinkles and more sensitive to changes in temperature.

This effect of ethnicity on the skin were referenced in our previous blog, you can read more  here.

skin diagnostic

Discovering what makes your skin so unique couldn’t be simpler.

Taking the Wǒ skin diagnostic, will take into account the effects of ethnicity, environment and lifestyle and uses the latest skin science research to analyse, explain and recommend all your skincare needs is an insightful and effective way to take care of your skin. Wǒ makes formulations as unique as you, with the best in class labs. Products that are liberating and lightweight, perfect for travel and offer the flexibility to adapt and change as your skin needs do. No more wasted money on products that don’t suit your skin!.          

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