It's Earth Month! Tips for Going Green with Your Beauty Routine

As the world becomes more conscious of the impact of human activities on the environment (Hurray to Earth Day later this month!!), more people are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint.

One area that many people overlook is their beauty routine. From the products we use to the packaging they come in, there are many ways we can make our beauty routine more eco-friendly. Here are some tips for going green with your beauty routine:

  1. Look for recycled packaging

When shopping for beauty products, look for brands that use recycled packaging which reduces the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. 120 billion units of packaging are produced globally every year by the cosmetics industry; much of it isn’t recyclable.

As our packaging is lightweight we emit less CO2 during the manufacturing process and shipping. Which is not the case for traditional packaging; Complex jars, pumps, multi-layer tubes and aerosols are not recyclable and problematic for the environment.

100% of our packaging is recyclable, 80% of our packaging is made out of Recycled PET. We’re working continuously to improve where we can; we are in this together.

  1. Reduce the number of products you use

One of the easiest ways to go green with your beauty routine is to reduce the number of products you use. Many people have a tendency to accumulate a large collection of products, but using fewer products can be more effective and more eco-friendly. Choose multi-purpose products that can serve multiple functions, like our Daily Base™  

  1. Use up products you already have

Another way to reduce waste in your beauty routine is to use up the products you already have before buying new ones. Many people throw away products that are still partially full because they’ve lost interest in them or because they’ve expired. Instead, try to use up your products before they expire or lose their efficacy. You can also repurpose products that you don’t like for their intended use. For example, a shampoo that’s too harsh for your hair can be used to clean your makeup brushes.

  1. Choose products made from natural ingredients

Many beauty products contain harsh chemicals that can be harmful to the environment. Choosing products made from natural ingredients can reduce your impact on the environment. Look for products that are free from parabens, sulfates, and other harmful chemicals, and opt for brands that use sustainable farming practices.

  1. Support eco-friendly brands

One of the best ways to go green with your beauty routine is to support brands that are committed to sustainability. Look for companies that have a strong environmental policy and use eco-friendly practices throughout their business. Some companies even donate a portion of their profits to environmental causes, so you can feel good about supporting them.

To support Earth Day we're donating £1 from every skin set sold this April to Action For Conservation - A non-profit that is building the next generation of nature conservationists. ⁠

In conclusion, going green with your beauty routine doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. By making small changes to the products you use and the way you use them, you can reduce your carbon footprint and do your part to protect the environment. Whether you’re using recycled packaging, reducing the number of products you use, or supporting eco-friendly brands, every little bit helps. So why not start today?

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