Is Wǒ Sustainable?

We are here to make a difference; our skincare revolution insists on making change, for the better, in this industry. Our products are designed with the environment in mind. Just like our skin we must take time to understand and care for it. Simplicity is key in everything we do, from your skin only using what you really need to our sustainable values that we are continuously looking to improve.

We go against the grain from what’s normal in the skincare industry. We are challenging boundaries but this is what’s important to us! Here’s how we play our part…

Letterbox Skincare

We deliver to your letterbox with no unnecessary packaging or complex materials to simplify the recycling process. Everything we deliver to your door is 100% recyclable and lightweight - from the packaging to the products. We believe in being perfectly imperfect. We don’t use extra varnishes or glossy packaging for a cleaner recycling process.

Travel Friendly - by cutting down everyone’s luggage by 2lb or 1KG for an one hour short haul flight, the aircraft's fuel savings would be the same as taking 10,500 cars off the road for the entire year - in turn reducing your carbon footprint!

Letterbox package inserted into letterbox in door.

 100% Recyclable

120 billion units of packaging are produced globally every year by the cosmetics industry; much of it isn’t recyclable.

As our packaging is lightweight we emit less CO2 during the manufacturing process and shipping. Which is not the case for traditional packaging; Complex jars, pumps, multi-layer tubes and aerosols are not recyclable and problematic for the environment.

100% of our packaging is recyclable, 80% of our packaging is made out of Recycled PET. We’re working continuously to improve where we can; we are in this together.

Three Wǒ products held above a Wǒ bag.

Use Only What You Need

Each dose is measured to reduce waste and lighten your skincare load.

There is no need to ask yourself if you’re using too much or too little; reduce waste effortlessly. The mono-dosage gives you control over your skincare routine to reduce waste. Our products can be ordered in as little as 2 weeks' usage, so you can easily switch them up according to your skin needs.

Wǒ product being dosed onto the the finger from the packaging.

Tailored To You

You and your skin are constantly changing. By taking our Skin Diagnostic, which is as accurate as a Skin expert’s assessment*, ensure that your skincare routine works every time.

Our tailored-to-you skincare routine evolves with you and your lifestyle, a flexible and adaptable solution that benefits you and the environment. No more throwing away skincare that isn’t right for you.

Woman applying Wǒ skincare onto her cheeks.

Waste Not Want Not

In 2018, the UK consumed £27.2 Billion worth of beauty products and services.

There is no need for a complex 10 step routine. Why not simplify your skincare routine for healthier skin and a healthier planet.

Minimise unnecessary consumption effortlessly. Clear your bathroom shelf of what you no longer need and replace it with just two simple steps.

Wǒ Wonder Cream being picked from from a selection of Wǒ products.

Monodose tailored to you skincare is the future of sustainable skincare. Why not try our Skin Diagnostic to get started and join us on this journey today? 

*Study in collaboration with DHEZ, University of Bradford, UK

Author - Lily Scales

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