Is Wǒ Better For Your Wallet?

New to Wǒ? You might wonder if you are getting your money's worth from our mono-dosage skincare format should you choose to make the switch. So how does it compare to your usual jar or high street skincare solution when it comes to your wallet - let us elaborate...

By substituting your usual cleanser, toner, and moisturiser with our 3-in-1 Daily Base™, you can streamline your skincare routine from 3 steps to one without sacrificing effectiveness or quality.

Each Daily Base™ smoothly melts into the skin to cleanse without drying out the skin, it removes makeup, moisturises, and conditions the skin with each application. Each of the 4 Daily Base™ have a special texture and potent active ingredients that are created to suit different skin needs, our Skin Diagnostic tool takes away the expensive guesswork by accurately assessing your skins needs and giving you a tailored solution that is unique to you.

You receive a measured dose with each application, ensuring that you are only utilising what your skin requires meaning you don't spend any more money on product your skin doesn't need (We're talking about those luxury jars gathering dust in the bathroom cabinet!)

When proposing the best skincare routine for you, our scientifically created Skin Diagnostic is just as accurate as a dermatologist's evaluation. We offer a solution that is personalised for you by gaining a deeper understanding of the behaviour of your skin and how outside elements are impacting it in less than 5 minutes. A number of Power TonIQ™ may be suggested in addition to the Daily Base™. These concentrated essences offer precise relief for your particular skin issues. No more squandering time or money on items that might not be effective for you.

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