Is Micellar Water Really That Great For Your Skin?

Micellar water, branded a revolutionary ‘must have’ on your bathroom shelf. The perfect replacement to the (now rejected) wipe, or so you’re told. Turns out, these glorified waters could be doing more harm than good to your skin.

Originally, micellar waters were used as a quick fix backstage at fashion weeks as a fast and easy way to remove and switch up makeup looks, not designed as a way to thoroughly cleanse the skin everyday.

What’s Micellar Water?

Micellar water is a cleanser that consists of surfactant molecules suspended in soft water which attract dirt and impurities when swiped across the face with a cotton pad.


Is Micellar Water Bad For Your Skin?

The main issue lies with how it stays on your skin after use as they are designed to be leave-on formulas. These surfactants are left behind on the skin after wiping and are generally an ingredient that is avoided if you have dry or sensitive skin. However, it's what comes next that may be even more troublesome. These surfactants can make the next step in your skincare routine less effective acting as a block for moisturisers and targeted essences.

Can micellar water cause breakouts for this reason? Yes. The surface residue that they leave behind can act as a film which blocks pores and can obstruct oil production, causing breakouts, spots and blemishes.

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The Solution

If you’re not willing to end the relationship with your micellar water then you must deep cleanse after to properly remove all makeup (as micellar water only reaches the surface) and to remove it’s problematic residue.

Although, do we recommend this as the best way to cleanse your skin? No. The best route to healthy happy skin is to cut the issue at the source and replace your micellar water with a cleanser that works. Cleansing the skin properly is important to allow moisturisers and treatments to work efficiently, to clean pores, balance oil production and maintain the right level of moisture. In other words, pretty essential to prioritise and get it right!

Cue the lights and enter our Daily Base™ range! Our 3 in 1 multi functional formulas cleanse, hydrate and condition and are designed to replace your makeup remover, cleanser and moisturiser. Simply complete our Skin Diagnostic and we will recommend the best one for your unique skin needs so you can wave goodbye to your micellar water with the click of a button.

Author - Lily Scales

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